IsoAcoustics – Aperta 300 – Centre Speaker Isolation Stand

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Introducing the Aperta 300 Centre Speaker Isolation Stand


Introducing IsoAcoustics’ newest addition to their distinguished Aperta series – the strikingly elegant Aperta 300 Centre Speaker Isolation Stand. Showcasing an innovative open design and a low-profile stature, this next-generation product complements your speakers’ aesthetics while significantly enhancing their auditory performance. Engineered to embody the meaning of ‘Aperta’ – the Italian word for ‘open’ – this product promises unparalleled sound staging that imitates the multidimensional feel of live music. As a groundbreaking feature, the Aperta 300’s speakers appear to float, eliminating detrimental reflections from being conducted back into the structure, thereby preventing bass smear and optimizing clarity. Brought to life with sturdy aluminum frames, this isolation stand integrates isolators in both the top and bottom sections, establishing a sophisticated parallelogram structure that maximizes sound separation. The isolators can also be tailored to adjust performance and response, instantly delivering noticeable results. Built with an inbuilt tilt adjustment that can be fine-tuned up to 6.5 degrees in both ascending and descending directions, the Aperta 300 offers an exceptional level of flexibility for optimizing speaker placement and sound focus. Additionally, IsoAcoustics’ patented isolation technology diminishes vibrations and reduces internal reflections that can distort the listener’s acoustic experience, improving stereo image and delivering a superior spatial sound. Despite its slim design, the Aperta 300 can support larger centre channel speakers and can be placed on various surfaces from floors and shelves to desktops and stands. Offered in both sleek black and shiny aluminium finishes, this stand can effortlessly blend into any home audio setup while making a subtle, stylish statement. Step into a new realm of sonic excellence with the IsoAcoustics Aperta 300 – enhancing sound clarity, isolating vibrations, and stirring the soul with its superior auditory performance.


  1. Open Design – The innovative ‘Aperta’ (open) design of the IsoAcoustics 300 enhances sound clarity by optimising sound staging and eliminating harmful reflections. This allows your speakers to deliver a multi-dimensional sound that mimics the feel of live music.
  2. Low-profile and Sturdy – Built from solid aluminium frames, the stand sports a low-profile stature of 3.0 inches. Despite its slim design, it can support larger centre channel speakers weighing up to 60 lbs (27.2kgs), making it capable of handling various setups.
  3. Parallelogram Structure – The stand incorporates isolators both on the top and bottom sections sculpted into a robust parallelogram shape. This assures a high level of sound separation, thereby improving your speaker’s auditory performance.
  4. Adjustable Performance – The isolators can be tailored to manage the shape, thickness, and durometer. These adjustments maximize performance and deliver instant results you can hear.
  5. Inbuilt Tilt Adjustment – This adjustable feature provides an exceptional degree of flexibility. It facilitates a tilt of up to 6.5 degrees in both ascending and descending directions, allowing for optimizing speaker placement, angle adjustments, and sound focus.
  6. IsoAcoustics’ Patented Isolation Technology – This reduces vibrations and internal reflections to eliminate bass smear. The resulting audio experience is of a finer quality with an improved stereo image, and natural spatial sound.
  7. Placement Freedom – Able to be placed with ease such surfaces as floors, shelves, desktops, or floor stands. This enhances its compatibility with your space restrictions and aesthetic preferences.
  8. Stylish Finish – Available in both sleek black and shiny aluminium finishes. The stand blends seamlessly into any home audio setup, becoming a subtly stylish addition to your listening environment.
  9. Package Includes – Each package includes one Aperta 300 Isolation Stand and an Instruction Guide.


  1. Improved Sound Clarity – The integration of IsoAcoustics’ patented technology eradicates distortions in the audio experience delivering crystal clear, live music-like sound quality.
  2. Enhanced Speaker Performance – The isolators’ adjustable feature maximizes your speaker’s performance offering noticeable instant results.
  3. Greater Flexibility – The inbuilt tilt adjustment and the capacity to support heavier speakers offer optimum flexibility for setup and placement.
  4. Reduced Vibrations – The patented isolation technology aids in diminishing vibrations, ensuring no disturbance to your acoustic enjoyment.
  5. Stylish Looks – The sleek black and shining aluminium finishes add a dash of elegance to your home audio setup. Stand out in solidarity with style.
  6. Easy Installation – With a detailed instruction guide included in the package, installing your new Aperta 300 is a breeze. Revel in superior sound without any unnecessary hassle.

Specification Description
Product Type Speaker Isolation Stand
Series Aperta
Model Aperta 300
Design Stylized open design with low profile
Height 3.0 inches
Special Feature Allows for full 3-dimensional soundstage
Sound Clarity Measures Eliminates reflections conducted back into the structure
Construction Material Solid Aluminium
Structure Parallelogram structure with isolators in top and bottom sections
Adjustable Features Tilt adjustment up to 6.5 degrees upward and downward
Measurement Feature Fine graduation markings for precision in angle adjustments
Use Can be positioned on the floor, shelf, desktop or on a floor stand
Dimensions (WxDxH) 11.8″ x 7.9″ x 3″ / 300mm x 200mm x 75mm
Weight Limit Can support up to 60 lbs (27.2 kgs)
Package Quantity Sold individually
Target Use Designed to support larger centre channel speakers for home audio use
Available Colors Black and Aluminium
Box Contents 1 x Aperta 300 Isolation Stand, 1 x Instruction Guide
Patented Features Reduces vibrations resonating through the supporting surface to eliminate dissonant sounds
Sound Quality Reduced internal reflections for improved stereo image and natural spatial sound
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IsoAcoustics - Aperta 300 - Centre Speaker Isolation Stand

$279.00 Inc. GST

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