Our Story

AV Toys is a different shopping experience. Sure, we love all the technical stuff and our product knowledge is second to none. But we love more than the boxes, more importantly…we love people.

Our people, the AV Toys staff are genuinely committed to meeting your expectations and doing what is best for you. When discussing this introduction, we all agreed that it was meeting, getting to know and helping our customers that brought the most satisfaction to everyone. We really do love people! We don’t just say that we are committed to our customers with fancy slogans. We back up what we say with trained and enthusiastic staff who will give you the best advice and service – before and after the sale.

However, there is a lot to a company like AV Toys, including the people. So for those a little more interested in us, our various backgrounds, our company policies etc., we have prepared some extra information. Simply scroll down and click on the section that interests you.


Picture & Sound Quality

Which do you think is more important – an impressive picture or sensational wrap-around sound? Well if you said both then you would be correct. Massimo Zecchin described his products this way “SIM2 does not make Home Theatre Projectors… SIM2 makes Cinema Projectors for the home. Yes, they make great Projectors as do some others including Sony and Epson that we also recommend. The emphasis here is on the Cinematic experience and not just the sale of an item. Same with the audio. We need good sound to complete the ‘picture’ but a good result is not just about the equipment or how much it costs. Sure, it is important, but there is something more.