IsoAcoustics – GAIA II Carpet Discs

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IsoAcoustics GAIA II Carpet Discs

Discover the transformative power of the IsoAcoustics GAIA II Carpet Discs, tailored for discerning audiophiles who long for an unhindered, dynamic audio experience. Specially designed for those navigating through the tricky terrain of thick carpeting in their listening space, these remarkable carpet spikes promise to provide an unwavering, rock-solid foundation for your high-performing speakers.


  1. High-Quality Machined Metal Design: Every GAIA II Carpet Disc is meticulously engineered from high-grade metal, crafted to withstand the weight and vibrations of your high-performance speakers, promising longevity and superior performance.
  2. Easy Tool-Free Installation: These carpet spikes transform your audio experience in seconds. They are designed for a quick, tool-free, hassle-free setup that simply requires you to slip them under each GAIA I foot.
  3. Unwavering Stability: Our robust GAIA II Carpet Discs provide a steadfast, rock-solid platform for your floor-standing speakers even on the thickest, plushiest carpets.
  4. Pack of Four: Each pack comes with four carpet spikes, perfect for typical speaker setups, promising complete stability across all corners of your speaker.


  1. Enhanced Acoustic Performance: By providing a stable foundation, these carpet discs will significantly improve the acoustic response of your audio setup. You’ll experience a more precise soundstage, tighter bass, and overall more detailed sound.
  2. Uncomplicated Solutions: Eschew complicated gadgets and installation procedures. With the GAIA II Carpet Discs, immerse yourself in superior performance achieved through simplicity and thoughtful innovation.
  3. Long-Lasting Quality: Made from robust machined metal, the GAIA II Carpet Discs are a durable solution and a worthy addition to your high-end sound system, designed to endure the test of time and vibration.
  4. Perfectly Compatible: Specifically designed for GAIA I feet, these carpet discs integrate seamlessly with your existing components, eliminating any compatibility concerns.
  5. Elevate Your Listening Experience: With the GAIA II Carpet Discs, enjoy music the way it should be: deep, dynamic, and crystal clear. Grant your speakers the stability they deserve and discover a new dimension in your audio experience.
Specification Description
Product Name IsoAcoustics – GAIA II Carpet Discs
Main Use Provides a stable foundation for GAIA II speaker feet on thick or plush carpets.
Quantity in Pack Four (4)
Material High-quality, precision machined metal
Compatibility Specifically designed for IsoAcoustics GAIA II speaker feet.
Installation Tool-free. Simply slip under each of your GAIA II feet.
Ideal For Ensuring stable speaker positioning in rooms with thick or plush carpets.
Performance Designed to enhance your speaker’s performance by providing a firm foundation.
Additional Feature Enhances high-quality sound performance and maintains stability.
Product Benefits Mitigates the potential adverse effects of thick carpets on speaker’s stability and sound quality.
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IsoAcoustics - GAIA II Carpet Discs

$149.00 Inc. GST

In stock

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