IsoAcoustics – Orea Bordeaux – Component Isolator

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IsoAcoustics Orea Bordeaux – Component Isolator

Immerse yourself in music like never before with the IsoAcoustics Orea Bordeaux – Component Isolator. This high-fidelity isolator is an industry game-changer, designed to provide unprecedented isolation for audio components and turntables. The OREA series is a genius in eliminating disruptive parasitic vibrations, ensuring greater sound clarity and focus. Whether you’re an audiophile or a music enthusiast, these robust isolators are ideal for a wide window of electronic components, including Amplifiers, DAC’s, CD Players, Speakers, and Turntables. Constructed from sturdy machined stainless steel and featuring a low-profile design, they introduce minimal height increase, fitting seamlessly into your current setup. Fretting over compatibility? Fret no more as each OREA model is tailored for specific weight capacities, as denoted by a colourful ring on the lower isolator. Individually packaged to grant you greater flexibility in determining the number of units to implement per component, the OREA Bordeaux promises an unparalleled acoustic experience. The upper flange is carefully conceived to produce a suction cup-like effect, adhering to your audio component, while the lower flange keeps intact to its supporting surface, making it a dependable performer. Your existing audio component’s feet can conveniently connect around the perimeter of the Bordeaux Isolator or can be removed entirely for direct connection to the chassis or base for arguably superior performance. Achieve perfect balance by positioning the isolators as per the weight distribution of the component. With weight capacity scaling up to 32 pounds per isolator and an unnoticeable footprint of 2.6″ x 1.4″, let the Bordeaux IsoAcoustics be the secret to an authentic, three-dimensional sound experience that enhances your connection to the soul of music.


  1. High Fidelity Isolation: The IsoAcoustics Orea Bordeaux ensures the elimination of disruptive vibrations for high fidelity audio components and turntables.
  2. OREA Series: This series guarantees greater sound clarity and focus, making them an excellent choice for various electronic components.
  3. Robust Construction: The isolators are fashioned from robust machined stainless steel with a low-profile design, brilliantly minimizing the increase in height while providing unmatched durability.
  4. Tailored Weight Capacity: Each OREA model is outfitted with a colored ring on the bottom isolator to denote the specific weight capacity it can accommodate.
  5. Individual Packaging: Personalize the number of units per component as the OREA Bordeaux comes individually packaged.
  6. Superior Adhesion: The upper flange design ensures optimal adherence to the under-side of the component, while the lower flange ensures adherence to the supporting surface.
  7. Flexible Use: Accommodates the use of existing feet on components or enables direct connection to the chassis or base by removing them entirely.
  8. Weight Capacity: The Bordeaux IsoAcoustics have an impressive weight capacity scaling up to 32 pounds per isolator.
  9. Compact Size: Despite its incredible strength, the OREA Bordeaux maintains a minimal footprint of just 2.6″ x 1.4″.


  1. Enhanced Sound Clarity: Amplify your sound experience with the OREA Bordeaux, expertly engineered to eliminate parasitic vibrations.
  2. Broad Compatibility: Able to accommodate a wide range of electronic components including Amplifiers, DAC’s, CD Players, Speakers, and Turntables.
  3. Seamless Integration: Bolsters your electronic setup without adding unnecessary height or bulk.
  4. Customizable Setup: You have the option to decide the number of units that go under each component, thanks to the individual packaging.
  5. Enhanced Stability: The ingenious flange design ensures stable adherence to both the component and the supporting surface.
  6. Superior Performance: By allowing for direct connection to the base or chassis, the OREA Bordeaux promises arguably superior performance.
  7. Load-Bearing Strength: Can accommodate heavier audio components with ease due to its impressive weight capacity.
  8. Minimal Vibration: Enjoy smooth and world-class audio with reduced vibration interference.
  9. Space-Saving: Despite its broad range of capabilities, the Bordeaux IsoAcoustics fits comfortably in most spaces due to its minimal footprint.
Specification Description
Product Type Component Isolator
Brand IsoAcoustics
Series OREA
Suitable For Ideal for electronic components including Amplifiers, DAC’s, CD Players, Speakers, and Turntables
Material Machined stainless steel
Design Low-profile
Features Provides greater sound clarity and focus by eliminating parasitic vibrations
Weight Capacity 32 pounds (14.5 KG) per isolator
Dimensions 2.6” x 1.4” / 67 x 36mm
Packaging Sold individually
Tilt No
Added Functionality Can adhere to the underside of the component and the supporting surface, providing a suction cup-like effect
Recommended Quantity A minimum of 3 units under each component, depending on weight
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IsoAcoustics - Orea Bordeaux - Component Isolator

$129.00 Inc. GST

In stock

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