IsoAcoustics – Aperta 100 – Isolation Stands

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Aperta 100 – Isolation Stands by IsoAcoustics

The Aperta 100 – Isolation Stands by IsoAcoustics are a sophisticated blend of style and science, designed specially to cater to medium-sized professional studio monitors and speakers. The name ‘Aperta’ — Italian for ‘open’ — mirrors its stylish open-designed structure and the impressive spatial sound it emanates. With their aircraft-grade aluminum sculpted framework, Aperta stands redefine acoustic isolation, exhibiting a level of audio clarity that is unparalleled. Known for their award-winning ‘floating design,’ IsoAcoustics offers an artistically crafted, cost-effective solution to drastically enhance the transparency and clarity of your speakers. The patented ‘open’ design of the Aperta stands breathes life into your music, providing a full three-dimensional soundstage. Speakers ‘float’, eliminating kinetic distortions and thereby reducing bass smear and enhancing audio definition. The instant you use them, you’ll acknowledge the difference. But that’s not all – Aperta stands offer built-in tilt adjustment, allowing precise speaker placement and focus. The sculpted frame houses isolators placed meticulously in the top and bottom, working to reduce vibrations and provide astounding separation of sound. With a well-calibrated balance of shape, thickness, and firmness of these isolators, you can tune the performance and response of these stands to your preference. The patented IsoAcoustics isolation system further reduces internal reflections and external resonance, ensuring the purest sonic experience. The Aperta 100 – Isolation Stands are available in elegant black or polished aluminum and can be placed on a variety of surfaces from desktops to floor stands, remaining stable, thanks to their sturdy and solid finish. With dimensions of 6.1″ x 7.5″ x 3″ and a weight capacity of up to 35lbs, they are designed to match medium-sized speakers impeccably. Each box comes with two Aperta 100 isolation stands and a comprehensive instructional guide, providing a perfect blend of functionality and form, embodying elegance and providing an unmatched audio experience.


  1. Innovative Open-Design: The Aperta 100 – Isolation Stands offer a striking open-design that adheres to the precepts of stylistic excellence, auditory enhancement, and sheds light on the Italian term ‘open’.
  2. Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Frame: Designed and engineered with an aircraft-grade aluminum framework, the stands are sturdy and reliable, delivering an elevated audio experience.
  3. Patented Floating Design: The patented ‘floating design’ eliminates audio reflections, leading to clear, unhindered sounds that fully realize the stereo image.
  4. Adjustable Tilt: The in-built tilt adjustment enables you to fine-tune the speaker’s placement up to 6.5 degrees upwards and downwards, allowing for enhanced audio clarity and focus.
  5. Dual Isolators: The isolators defined in the top and bottom structures deliver an unmatched degree of sound separation, enhancing the delivery and perception of sound.
  6. Tunable Response: Customize the response of the stands by modulating the isolator shape, thickness, and durometer, paving the way for a bespoke acoustic experience.
  7. Reduced Vibrations: The patented IsoAcoustics isolation system diminishes vibrations, eliminating dissonant sounds and improving the stereo image.
  8. Versatile Placement: Place them on a variety of surfaces, given their solid construction and stability, for an unparalleled audio experience anywhere, anytime.
  9. Weight Handling: With a weight capacity of up to 35lbs, these stands can easily support the weight of medium-sized speakers.
  10. Instruction Guide: Every box includes a comprehensive guide that makes set-up effortless, ensuring you can focus on what truly matters – the music.


  1. Unhindered Audio: The open design of the stands facilitates spatial openness in sound, immersing you in your music.
  2. Sturdy and Safe: The robust aluminum structure keeps your precious speakers securely in place.
  3. Enhanced Clarity: By eliminating reflections, the patented ‘floating design’ drastically enhances sound clarity and transparency.
  4. Perfect Speaker Placement: Adjust the tilt to position your speakers in the optimal space, improving sound focus.
  5. Sound Separation: The dual isolators ensure an unrivaled separation of sound, creating a completely immersive auditory experience.
  6. Customizable Performance: Adjust the shape, thickness, and durometer of the isolators to shape the response and performance of the stands.
  7. Fewer Vibrations: The patented isolation system lessens vibrations, ensuring cleaner sound reproduction.
  8. Multiple Placement Options: With robust stability, you can literally plant them anywhere; floor, desktop, or on standalone stands.
  9. Superior Weight Handling: Comfortably handle moderately heavy speakers without compromising on stability or sound quality.
  10. Easy Installation: The included comprehensive guide makes assembly a breeze, allowing you to enjoy your music without hassle.

Specifications Description
Product IsoAcoustics – Aperta 100 – Isolation Stands
Design Sleek and stylish, sculpted from aluminium
Function Acoustic isolation and enhanced sound clarity of speakers
Feature Patented floating design and built-in tilt adjustment
Tilt Dial-in 6.5 degrees upward and downward adjustment
Vibrations Reduction Reduces vibrations resonating through the supporting surface
Reflections Reduction Reduces internal reflections to eliminate smear
Use Positioned on the floor, shelf, credenza, desktop or stand
Colour Available in black and aluminium
Dimensions (WxDxH): 6.1″ x 7.5″ x 3″ / 155mm x 190mm x 76mm
Weight Limit 35lbs (15.9kg)
Sale Unit Sold as a pair
Material Solid aluminium construction
Compatibility Complements medium size desktop, bookshelf, floor speakers
Package Includes 2 x Aperta 100 Isolation Stands, 1 x Instruction Guide
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IsoAcoustics - Aperta 100 - Isolation Stands

$349.50 Inc. GST

In stock

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