AudioQuest – Forest – USB A to C

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AudioQuest – Forest – USB A to C Cable

Harness the full potential of your digital audio equipment with the “AudioQuest – Forest – USB A to C” cable! Digital communication “speed” is not just about how fast, but also how accurately information is delivered from Point A to Point B. Just as in a beautiful symphony, each note’s precision contributes to the grandeur of the final result, so too, the timing within a digital stream orchestrates the reconstruction of the analogue waveform, manifesting in the rich sounds that reach your ears. However, time-based distortions known as jitter can tarnish the splendor, making your audio flat and foggy instead of vibrant and clear. It’s here that AudioQuest takes center stage, acclaimed worldwide for its innovative cable design and construction that skillfully minimizes jitter and maximizes sound clarity. Notably, the new “Forest” range with USB Type-C compatibility opens up a universe of digital audio delights, accommodating Type-C enabled devices like the MacBook, ChromeBook, Pixel, Galaxy Note 7 and more. Uniquely constructed with solid 0.5% silver conductors, hard-cell foam insulation and an added strain-relief system, these cables remarkably balance high performance with robust durability. Produced with meticulous attention to detail, each strand is directionally marked to optimize noise-dissipation, ensuring every note of your audio experience is distortion-free and harmonious. The “AudioQuest – Forest – USB A to C” cable embodies a new standard in digital audio transmission; it isn’t just a purchase, but an investment in the precision and pleasure of high-quality sound. Please enquire for availability as we keep 0.75m lengths in stock, with other lengths available on request.


  • Solid 0.5% Silver Conductors: Enhances high-frequency applications like USB audio. By eliminating strand-interaction distortion and lowering jitter, solid silver-plated conductors ensure optimum audio quality and performance.
  • Hard-Cell Foam Insulation: Safeguards signal-pair geometry and minimizes energy absorption, thereby reducing distortion. This innovative insulation choice, similar to the Foamed-PE used in our more affordable Bridges & Falls cables, maintains a stable impedance character and further decreases distortion.
  • Directionality: Recognizing that all drawn metal strands or conductors have a non-symmetrical grain structure, AudioQuest ensures RF impedance variation is efficiently controlled. Arrows clearly marked on the connectors streamline the optimal direction, which enhances Noise-Dissipation and optimizes full-system performance.
  • Strain-Relief System: A newly developed strain-relief system ensures robust durability between the USB cable and plug. This enhances the longevity and performance of your cable.
  • USB Type-C Compatibility: These cables are fully compatible with devices that use a USB Type-C port, further increasing its versatility.


  • Enhanced Audio Quality: Solid 0.5% silver conductors manage to essentially deliver the performance of a solid silver cable but at a cost closer to that of a solid copper cable, making it the perfect combination of quality and cost-effectiveness.
  • Durable Construction: The strain-relief system prolongs the lifespan of the cable and ensures consistent high-quality performance.
  • Wide Compatibility: With the growing ubiquity of Type-C enabled devices, these cables connect you to the latest devices like MacBook, ChromeBook, Pixel, Galaxy Note 7, etc.
  • Clarity in Every Note: Each strand is directionally marked to optimize noise-dissipation, providing a distortion-free audio experience with every note capturing its true essence.
  • Embrace the Future: Made to support the increasing speed requirements of modern-day applications, these USB cables ensure buffering is a problem of the past!

Let your music cascade with clarity, richness, and depth it truly deserves. With the “AudioQuest – Forest – USB A to C” cable, the world of digital audio becomes your musical playground. Precision-engineered to minimize distortions and maximize clarity, this cable is more than a simple accessory – it’s a transformative investment into the quality of your sound. With crafting that emphasizes durability and performance, it’s tailored to withstand the rigors of everyday use while delivering exceptional audio quality.


Specification Description
Product Type USB A to Micro B 3.0 Cable
Brand AudioQuest – Forest
Speed SuperSpeed USB 3.0 specifies data-transfer rates up to 4.8Gbps vs. Hi-Speed USB 2.0’s maximum signalling rate of 480Mbps
Time-Based Damage Reduction Reduces jitter in digital streams, enhancing smoothness and clarity
Conductors Controlled for RF noise directionality, solid 0.5% silver conductors
Conductor Material Long-Grain Copper (LGC) conductors with thick layers of silver plating to improve noise dissipation
Insulation Hard-Cell Foam (HCF) insulation ensures critical signal-pair geometry
Insulation Material Effect Absorbs and releases energy as distortion, reduced by nitrogen-injected insulation to create air pockets
Cable Geometry Stabilises relationship along the cable’s length, creating a stable impedance character and minimising distortion
Applications Useful for transferring large files, data for HD videos, and for USB/HDMI audio
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AudioQuest - Forest - USB A to C

$109.00 $139.00 Inc. GST
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