IsoAcoustics – zaZen II – Isolation Platform

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Welcome to the revolutionary world of pristine sound with zaZen II

The newest addition from IsoAcoustics, zaZen II, is a uniquely crafted isolation platform designed for turntables, tube amplifiers, and other sensitive audio components. It ensures stability beyond measure, taking you on a transcendent journey of enhanced acoustic detail and crystalline clarity.

Key Features

  1. Dense Fiber Construction: zaZen II is built with zero voids, ensuring perfect isolation and creating an ideal platform for your audio gear.
  2. Integrated IsoAcoustics Isolation Technology: The platform mass combines with our patented isolation technology, providing greater acoustic detail and clarity.
  3. Low Noise Floor: A critical factor in audio equipment, zaZen II assures a minimal noise floor for an interference-free sound experience.
  4. Stability: The platform weighs in capable of supporting up to 40lbs of weight, providing a stable base for your high-quality audio equipment.
  5. Elegant Design: zaZen II doesn’t compromise on aesthetics, featuring a medium gloss black finish that easily blends with your existing decor.
  6. Four Isolators: The platform incorporates four isolators, fine-tuning the most delicate musical nuances for a precise and detailed sound output.
  7. Compact Dimensions: With a dimension of 17″ x 15″ x 1.65″, the zaZen II fits well in various spaces without compromising on its functionality.


  1. Enhanced Acoustic Detail: With the IsoAcoustics patented isolation technology, you’ll experience a new level of acoustic detail and clarity.
  2. Superior Performance: zaZen II minimizes vibrations, letting your turntables and other audio components perform optimally, reducing record skips even at higher volumes or from unwanted structural vibrations.
  3. Improved Sound Quality: By reducing the noise floor, zaZen II allows your audio equipment to reproduce sounds faithfully, leading to a richer and more immersive listening experience.
  4. Durability: Built to last, zaZen II supports up to 40lbs, allowing it to accommodate a wide range of high-quality audio equipment.
  5. Stylish Aesthetics: The elegant medium gloss black finish not only offers excellent acoustics but also adds a touch of sophistication to your space.
  6. Space-Saving: Its compact size ensures that you don’t have to compromise on sound quality even in smaller spaces.
  7. Greater Isolation: The four isolators work together to provide a high degree of isolation, reducing structure-born vibrations and revealing a new level of detail and clarity in your music.

  • Product Name: IsoAcoustics – zaZen II – Isolation Platform
  • Purpose: Designed for turntables, tube amps, and other sensitive audio equipment
  • Technology: Integrated IsoAcoustics patented isolation technology
  • Benefits: Provides a stable isolation platform with a low noise floor, allows audio gear to reveal greater acoustic clarity and detail
  • Design: Elegant medium gloss black finish over a dense fibre construction, ensuring the ideal combination of visual and acoustic design
  • Material: Dense platform with no voids, ideal for isolation platform
  • Dimension: 17” x 15” x 1.65” / 432mm x 381mm x 42mm
  • Weight Capacity: 40lbs / 18.1kgs
  • Finish: Medium Gloss Black
  • Quantity of Isolators: 4
  • Specialty: Helps turntables and electronic components to perform at their best, reduces vibrations, provides a stable platform for better sound quality
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IsoAcoustics - zaZen II - Isolation Platform

$499.00 Inc. GST

In stock

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