IsoAcoustics – Orea Indigo – Component Isolator

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IsoAcoustics Orea Indigo Component Isolator

Introducing IsoAcoustics Orea Indigo Component Isolator, an exceptional tool for the passionate audiophile, crafted to offer unprecedented levels of isolation for supreme high fidelity audio components and turntables. Orea Series leads the field in expelling parasitic vibrations while augmenting sound clarity and focus, making it an ideal fit for electronics such as Amplifiers, DACs, CD Players, Speakers, and Turntables. Excellence can be felt in each stainless steel, expertly machined piece, designed not only for durability but also for an understated low-profile look preventing height increase. Each variant of the OREA model holds a distinct weight capacity denoted by a colorfully adorned ring on the bottom isolator. The freedom to choose the numbers of isolators under each component comes with individual packaging, while we recommend at least three units depending on weight. The top flange of the OREA has been ingeniously designed to induce a suction action, adhering to the underside of the component, with the bottom flange securing to the supporting surface, resulting in all energy being efficiently managed within the OREA’s core. Conceive an audio experience akin to entering a thrumming, vibrant symphony hall – the OREA Series brings forth compelling sound clarity, an open soundstage, and authentic three-dimensional sound. Each OREA isolator is tailored to work within specific weight ranges and designed to comfortably fit the existing feet of an audio component, or even better, connect directly to the chassis or the base itself by removing the feet. This allows for an optimized weight distribution for the component or speaker. Sold individually, these isolators need more than just a glance; they’re specific, they’re captivating, they’re IsoAcoustics Orea Indigos.

Product Features:

  1. Exceptional Isolation: The Orea Indigo offers extraordinary levels of isolation, perfectly suited for sophisticated high fidelity audio components and turntables.
  2. Advanced Parasitic Vibration Expulsion: The Orea Series effectively eradicates parasitic vibrations, elevating the clarity and focus of your audio experience.
  3. Stainless Steel Design: Crafted with machined stainless steel for a durable, sleek low-profile look that keeps height increase at a minimum.
  4. Weight Specific Models: Each model in the Orea Series is meticulously designed for a specific weight capacity, indicated by a uniquely colored ring on the bottom isolator.
  5. Flexible Packaging: The Orea isolators are individually packaged, offering the flexibility to choose the number of units depending on your specific weight requirements.
  6. Suction-Force Design: The upper flange of the Orea isolators have a suction cup effect, securing firmly to the underside of the audio component. The lower flange adheres to the supporting surface, effectively managing all energy within the core.
  7. Enhances Sound Properties: OREA isolators work to produce vibrant sound clarity, an open soundstage, and authentic, three-dimensional sound.
  8. Optimal Weight Distribution: The IsoAcoustic Orea Isolators are designed to work around existing feet of an audio component or connect directly to the chassis, ensuring optimized weight distribution.
  9. Individual Sales: Orea isolators are sold individually to cater to a diverse range of weight and usage requirements.

Product Benefits:

  1. Supreme Audio Quality: Its superior isolation capabilities boost the clarity and focus of your audio experience, taking it to stellar levels.
  2. Robust and Sleek: The durable stainless steel design doesn’t just promise longevity but also ensures a low-profile look that blends seamlessly with your audio components.
  3. Personalized Usage: With models for specific weight capacities, you can select the Orea isolators that match perfectly with your equipment, preventing any undue stress on your audio devices.
  4. Vibration Dampening: By effectively managing internal energy levels, Orea isolators eliminate extraneous vibrations that can compromise your audio experience.
  5. Customizable Set-Up: The individual packaging allows you to customize how many isolators you need based on the weight and stability of your specific audio component.
  6. Enhanced Performance: With a unique design that adapts to the existing feet of your audio gear, the IsoAcoustics Orea isolators aid in evenly distributing the weight of your equipment, leading to optimum performance and longevity.
  7. Convenient Purchase: With individual unit sales, you only purchase what you need, leading to cost-saving benefits.
  8. Improved Soundstage: Experience an upgraded audio experience with clean sound clarity, an open soundstage, and a rich, three-dimensional sound that will make you feel like you’re in the heart of a live orchestra.


Specification Description
Product Name IsoAcoustics – Orea Indigo – Component Isolator
Function Provides extraordinary levels of isolation for high fidelity audio components and turntables, eliminates parasitic vibrations, increases sound clarity and focus
Ideal for Electronic components including Amplifiers, DACs, CD Players, Speakers, and Turntables
Material Machined stainless steel
Design Low-profile
Weight Capacity Different weight capacity for each OREA model, Indigo model supports up to 16lb (7.2Kg)
Colored Ring Denotes the model and weight capacity
Packaging Individually packaged for flexibility in the number of units use
Units Required Minimum of 3 units under each component, can be adjusted based on weight and weight distribution of components
Flange Design Upper flange adheres to underside of component, lower flange adheres to supporting surface
Vibration Management All energy managed within the core of the OREA’s, which are tuned for specific weight ranges
Sound Output Greater sound clarity and open soundstage providing an authentic, three-dimensional sound
Use with Existing Feet Can complement existing feet on components or be used as replacements
Multi-use Can be used in multiples to match the weight of the component or speaker
Weight Capacity Calculation Calculated as pictured. Important to stay within weight capacity of the Orea isolator
Dimensions (WxD) 2.3” x 1.3” / 58mm x 33mm
Sold as Individually
Tilt Function No
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IsoAcoustics - Orea Indigo - Component Isolator

$99.00 Inc. GST

In stock

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