Iso Acoustics – Aperta SUB XL – Isolation Stand

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Aperta SUB XL Isolation Stand

Dive into the transcendent world of acoustics with the ground-breaking Aperta SUB XL from IsoAcoustics. With its careful crafting to support virtually any heavy-duty subwoofer up to a mighty 160lbs, this is innovation that goes beyond the average, to deliver an experience that’s well above average too. Available from June 2023, the Aperta SUB XL is more than an impressive size measuring in at 14.5″ wide and 16″ deep, it’s a revolution in audio technology that looks as good as it sounds.


  1. Size and Weight Support: With dimensions of 14.5″ wide x 16″ deep, the Aperta SUB XL is engineered to provide a solid supporting foundation for subwoofers up to 160lbs, bringing the patented IsoAcoustics isolation technology to larger and more powerful subwoofers.
  2. Greater Bass Definition: The Aperta Sub XL helps clean up the muddy low frequency sound, providing a tighter bass response and greater clarity for a high-quality audio experience.
  3. Reduces Internal Reflections: Through IsoAcoustics isolation technology, subwoofer vibrations are prevented from reflecting on the supporting surface, which in turn eliminating muddy bass smear.
  4. Prevents Energy Transfer: Patented technology decouples your subwoofers from the supporting surface. This prevents the physical transfer of energy, which excites the supporting surface and causes room rattle.
  5. Sculpted Aluminium Frame with Patented IsoAcoustics Integrated Isolators: The Aperta SUB Series features a sculpted aluminium frame for a visually pleasing aesthetic that doesn’t sacrifice functionality. The patented integrated isolators provide lasting isolation support.
  6. Compatibility: The innovative shape of the Aperta Sub XL accommodates direct positioning underneath the subwoofer cabinet without any interference. Carpet disks are included for use on carpeted surfaces, providing a solid foundation for the Aperta Sub Series.


  1. Superior Sound Quality: With its distinctive ability to reduce bass smear and provide better bass definition, the Aperta SUB XL noticeably enhances the sound quality of your audio setup.
  2. Less Disturbance: It adeptly minimizes energy transfer, reducing room rattle and noise disturbance to those around you, making it an ideal choice for communal living environments.
  3. Enhanced Audio Experience: The patented IsoAcoustics isolation technology ensures an elevated audio experience that lets you enjoy your favorite tunes and movies with great clarity and definition.
  4. Visually Appealing Design: Sub-XL’s low-profile and beautifully sculpted aluminium frame match functionality with aesthetic appeal, enhancing your auditory setup’s appearance.
  5. Easy Setup and Use: Its compatibility with both front-firing and side-firing subwoofers, along with included carpet disks, facilitates easy setup on any surface, providing a hassle-free user experience.
  6. Acclaimed and Certified: Recognized and tested at the National Research Council of Canada, this isolation stand guarantees authenticated high-quality performance.
Specification Description
Product Name Iso Acoustics – Aperta SUB XL – Isolation Stand
Release Date June 2023
Dimensions 14.5” W x 16” D x 1.5” H (368mm x 406mm x 37mm)
Weight capacity Can handle subwoofers of up to 160lbs (72.6kg)
Includes 1x Aperta Sub XL + 4x Carpet Discs
Features/Functionality Patented IsoAcoustics isolation, reduces internal reflections, prevents energy transfer, facilitates greater bass definition and prevents interference with existing subwoofer feet
Special Benefits Provides superior isolation performance, eliminates muddy bass smear, allows a deep syncopated connection to music or movies, increases clarity and definition, resists lateral deflection and oscillations for greater accuracy and focus
Compatibility Compatible with front-firing and side-firing subwoofers
Additional Information Especially beneficial for home theatre lovers, HiFi enthusiasts, bass junkies, and residents of apartments or condos. Carpet disks provide a strong foundation on carpeted surfaces
Tested at National Research Council of Canada (NRC)
Unique Selling Point Low profile design for placement under subwoofer cabinet without interference
Design Aluminum frame with patented IsoAcoustics integrated isolators
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Iso Acoustics - Aperta SUB XL - Isolation Stand

$399.00 Inc. GST

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