AudioQuest – Rocket 44 (Rocket Series) – Prepared Speaker Cable

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AudioQuest Rocket 44 (Rocket Series) Prepared Speaker Cable

Discover the transformative power of superb audio fidelity with AudioQuest’s Rocket 44 (Rocket Series) Prepared Speaker Cable. Just as thoroughbred conductors coax a passionate performance from their orchestra, our elite team of engineers and designers have fine-tuned the harmony of advanced materials, refined construction methods and innovative technology. This results in delivering a heightened acoustic experience to discerning reviewers and dedicated audiophiles. Carefully incorporating Perfect-Surface Copper+ (PSC+) into its impressive roster of conductors, the Rocket 44 removes the grain boundaries, effectively reducing harshness, to deliver a crisp, clear and faithful audio performance that is sure to captivate. The majority of our mix is dominated by this incredibly pure PSC+ conductor, further eliminating harshness and increasing the clarity of your sound. Our unique Carbon-Based Noise-Dissipation and Cross-Talk-Dissipation Systems cleverly combat intrusive radio-frequency “garbage”, while our Nitrogen-Injected Foamed-Polyethylene insulation, with its low-loss, distortion-minimizing profile, ensures your audioscape stays clear of the “out-of-focus” effect encountered with inferior materials. One of the fascinating innovations in the design of Rocket 44 is the Double Star-Quad Geometry, methodically combined with Spread-Spectrum Technology (SST), which produces a drastically refined dynamic contrast and improved information intelligibility. We’ve optimized this masterpiece for BiWiring and employed a range of high-grade connectors available in gold or silver that are top-performers in delivering a low distortion sound. The definitive confluence of science, technology, and design, the AudioQuest Rocket 44 Prepared Speaker Cable is far more than just an upgrade – it’s your passport to an invigorating world of superior sound. Please note, stock may be limited, and special requests can be made for procurement from AudioQuest. Upgrade your audio experience today.


  1. Perfect-Surface Copper+ (PSC+): This feature allows for fewer grain boundaries, which reduces a harsh sound in your audio quality.
  2. Solid Perfect-Surface Copper+/Perfect-Surface Copper (PSC+/PSC) Conductors: Rocket 44 uses an ideal combination of high-purity Perfect-Surface Copper+ and Perfect-Surface Copper. This ensures the elimination of harshness and significantly enhances clarity in your sound.
  3. Carbon-Based Noise-Dissipation and Cross-Talk-Dissipation Systems (Insulation): This innovative feature enables Rocket 44 to insulate its negative conductors with partially conductive Carbon-Loaded Polyethylene, effectively damping radio-frequency garbage resulting in less “hash,” better sound dimensionality and reduced distortions.
  4. Double Star-Quad Geometry: Rocket 44’s structure of Double Star-Quad enables significantly enhanced dynamic contrast and information intelligibility.
  5. Spread-Spectrum Technology (SST): This technology helps in significantly reducing the awareness of these character flaws by using a precise combination of different sized conductors, delivering crystal-clear, dynamic sound.
  6. BiWiring: Rocket 44 is an exceptional Single-BiWire cable that becomes a true Double-BiWire set with the separation of the halves at the speaker end, enhancing full-range design.
  7. Terminations: Rocket 44 offers high-grade connectors plated directly with gold or silver and AQ PK-spade lugs that are soft for a higher quality connection. AQ PK-BFA/Banana provides superior performance over conventional brass versions.


  1. Elevate Sound Quality: With the help of Perfect-Surface Copper+, it significantly reduces harshness in the sound, delivering an exceptional audio experience.
  2. Superior Clarity: The Solid Perfect-Surface Copper+/Perfect-Surface Copper (PSC+/PSC) conductors contribute to superbly clear and detailed sound.
  3. Eliminate Radio-Frequency Noise: The Carbon-Based Noise-Dissipation and Cross-Talk-Dissipation Systems function to remove unwanted frequencies and minimize “hash” for a clearer, more dimensional audio.
  4. Improved Dynamic Contrast: With Double Star-Quad Geometry, experience an audio life that has drastically refined dynamic contrast and improved information intelligibility.
  5. Enhanced Sonic Delivery: The Spread-Spectrum Technology (SST) provides the power of flawless audio reproduction by reducing inherent conductor distortions.
  6. Maximum Performance: Rocket 44 as a Double BiWire in a single cable, enhances full-range design and delivers unsurpassed audio performance.
  7. Secure Connection: High-quality connectors ensure Rocket 44 can be securely attached to any type of equipment, promising undistorted, pure sound.
Specification Description
Conductor Type Solid Perfect-Surface Copper+/ Perfect-Surface Copper (PSC+/PSC)
Noise-Dissipation System Carbon-Based Noise-Dissipation and Cross-Talk-Dissipation system
Insulation Nitrogen-Injected Foamed-Polyethylene Insulation on the positive conductors
Geometry Double Star-Quad Geometry for better dynamic contrast and information intelligibility
Technology Spread-Spectrum Technology (SST) to reduce distortion and provide exceptional clarity and dynamics
Biwiring The cable can be separated at the speaker end for optimal performance
Termination High-quality dull looking gold or silver AQ ends
Application PVC “pants” on either end of the cable are marked “Speaker End” or “Amp End” for directional use
Availability This item may be in limited stock and may need to be requested in from AudioQuest


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AudioQuest - Rocket 44 (Rocket Series) - Prepared Speaker Cable

$1,550.00 $2,150.00 Inc. GST
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