AudioQuest – Rocket 22 (Rocket Series) – Prepared Speaker Cables

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AudioQuest – Rocket 22 Prepared Speaker Cables

Immerse yourself in unparalleled sound performance with our standout product, the AudioQuest – Rocket 22 from the lauded Rocket Series. An undeniable upgrade from the Rocket 11, this prepared speaker cable – boasting an exclusive, sleek silver finish and banana connectors – is your key to optimal full-range or single-BiWire audio experiences.

Key Features

  1. Single-BiWire Capability: Our Rocket 22 is designed for optimal performance with Treble and Bass inputs, offering an ideal full-range or single-BiWire connectivity.
  2. Semi-Solid Concentric Conductors: Unlike conventional stranded conductors, this feature provides a considerable improvement in reducing distortion, greatly enhancing resolution, dynamics, and minimizing harshness.
  3. Blend of Long-Grain Copper and Perfect-Surface Copper: The combination of these superior materials ensures lower impurities, fewer grain boundaries, and a smoother conductor surface, contributing to the cable’s clarity and smoothness.
  4. Double-Low Inductance Geometry: Rocket 22’s unique design includes two conductors in each half, resulting in lower inductance and better clarity.
  5. Direct-Silver Over Copper Connectors: High-quality SureGrip 300 spades or banana connectors ensure unblemished sound transmission for an enhanced audio experience.

Key Benefits

  1. Enhanced Sound Quality: By eliminating Bass energy from the Treble, the Rocket 22 creates a sound as smooth and clear as swimming in calm water.
  2. Improved Resolution and Dynamics: Thanks to unique Semi-Solid Concentric conductors, experience amplified sound dynamics and an enhancement in resolution.
  3. Unmatched Clarity and Smoothness: Through meticulous application of LGC and PSC, the Rocket 22 reduces paradigm for impurities and enhances its conductor surface quality.
  4. Boosted Bass-To-Treble Range: Using the double low-inductance geometry, this cable promises comprehensive frequency coverage from bass to treble.
  5. Wide-Ranging Compatibility: Whether you want a full-range cable with red (+) and black (-) conductors or you’re optimized as a BiWire with separate bass and treble inputs, the Rocket 22 is the audiophile’s pick.
Specification Description
Product Type Prepared Speaker Cables
Series Rocket Series, Rocket 22
Color Silver Finish
Connector Type Banana Connectors
BiWire Functionality Single-BiWire allows optimisation when speakers have Bass and Treble inputs, reduces distortion in the cable
Conductor Structure Features Semi-Solid Concentric Conductors that use fewer, larger strands, maintaining fixed, rigid relationships to reduce distortion and improve resolution and dynamics
Conductor Material Long-Grain Copper/Perfect-Surface Copper (LGC/PSC). LGC has fewer oxides, impurities and grain boundaries, used in the central area of the Conductor bundle. PSC, with a smooth surface, is used for the outer layer of conductors enhancing clarity and smoothness
Geometry Double Low-Inductance Geometry, with two conductors in each half of the cable providing lower-inductance, greater clarity and superior bass-to-treble frequency extension
Connector Feature Prepared with SureGrip 300 spades or bananas. Connectors feature Direct-Silver over copper with no layer of nickel in between
Use Ideal Full-Range or Single-BiWire cable, can be used as full-range cable with red (+) and black (-) conductors grouped together or biwire when speakers have separate bass and treble inputs
Noise Dissipation All AudioQuest conductors are direction-controlled for optimum noise dissipation
Additional Feature Provides a carefully finessed blend of Long-Grain Copper (LGC) and high-purity Perfect-Surface Copper (PSC) eliminating harshness and improving clarity
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AudioQuest - Rocket 22 (Rocket Series) - Prepared Speaker Cables

$899.00 $1,400.00 Inc. GST
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