AudioQuest – Forest – RJ/E Ethernet Cable

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AudioQuest – Forest – RJ/E Ethernet Cable

Discover a world where digital artifacts and transmission errors are a thing of the past with AudioQuest – Forest – RJ/E Ethernet Cable. Designed for those who demand the utmost in high-quality audio transmission, the AudioQuest RJ/E series has been specially engineered with 0.5% solid Silver conductors, a key innovation that obliterates strand interaction – a major source of distortion in cables. These superior metals minimize distortion further by reducing grain boundaries and impurities that reside in said boundaries. Ensuring remarkable signal integrity, this cable incorporates Solid High-Density Polyethylene (PE) insulation to maintain the critical geometry of signal pairs. Using arrows on the jackets to depict directionality, it honours the inherent trait present in all audio cables, digital or analogue, to render the finest audio performance. The RJ/E Ethernet cable champions the shift towards digital media storage, efficiently transferring data from a multitude of devices to diverse locations. Perfect for audio applications, it provides high-speed and low latency transfers with significant distance capability – up to 328 feet without a booster or repeater, and delivers extremely low-jitter, bit-perfect communication. With these features, why wouldn’t you want to enjoy the experience of seamless and high-fidelity audio streaming? The impressive Cat 7 standard has paved the pathway for 10-Gigabit Ethernet over 100m of copper cabling. The construction also incorporates meticulously controlled conductors for RF Noise directionality. Encased within a CMG (CL3 & FT4) rated PVC jacket, the Ethernet cable gleams with gold-plated nickel connectors offering 100% shield coverage, contributing to efficient noise dissipation. With the superior metal smartly placed on the outside, the Forest RJ/E series showcases the cost-effective and genius way to maximize a digital cable’s performance. Available in 1.5 and 3m, with other lengths available upon request, AudioQuest’s Forest RJ/E Ethernet cable truly transforms the landscape of high-quality audio transmission.


  1. 0.5% Silver Solid Conductors: This cable uses 0.5% solid silver conductors that completely eliminate strand interaction, a common source of distortion in cables, leading to clear, dynamic and engaging sound.
  2. Superior Conductor Metals: Fewer grain boundaries and impurities such as oxides at those boundaries help to minimize distortion, thereby enhancing the audio experience.
  3. Geometry Stabilizing Solid High-Density Polyethylene Insulation: The presence of solid high-density polyethylene (PE) insulation helps to maintain the critical geometry of signal pairs, contributing to a higher quality audio transmission.
  4. High-Speed Data Capacity: The Forest RJ/E cable conforms to the Cat 7 standard, allowing for 10-Gigabit Ethernet over 100 meters of copper cabling.
  5. RF Noise Directionality Control: Carefully controlled conductors help to mitigate the directional effects of RF noise, providing noise-free audio performance.
  6. Gold-Plated Nickel Connectors & 100% Shield Coverage: The Forest RJ/E cable features gold-plated nickel connectors with 100% shield coverage that effectively facilitate noise dissipation for uninterrupted audio transmission.
  7. CMG (CL3 & FT4) Rated PVC Jacket: The PVC jacket not only provides durability but is also rated CMG (CL3 & FT4), making it safe for in-wall use in all types of buildings.
  8. Variable lengths available: The cable is available in standard lengths of 1.5 and 3 meters, with other lengths also available on request.


  1. Supreme Audio Quality: The use of advanced materials and technology ensures a drastic reduction in signal distortion, providing a remarkable audio experience.
  2. High-Speed Data Transfer: Conforming to the Cat 7 standard, this Ethernet cable allows for 10-Gigabit Ethernet over considerable distances of copper cabling, making it perfect for diverse applications.
  3. No RF Noise Interference: The meticulous control over conductors reduces the impact of RF noise, resulting in seamless and uninterrupted audio.
  4. Durability & Safety: The CMG-rated PVC jacket not only adds to the durability of the cable but also makes it safe for in-wall use, extending its potential applications.
  5. Versatility in lengths: The Forest RJ/E cable comes in a variety of lengths according to your needs, ensuring it can adapt to any setup.
  6. Significant Distance Capability: Navigate across significant distances up to 100 meters without necessitating an active booster or repeater.
  7. Shielding from Interferences: The gold-plated nickel connectors with 100% shield coverage efficiently contribute towards effective noise dissipation, protecting the cable from possible interferences.
With the mould-breaking ingenuity of AudioQuest, the Forest RJ/E Ethernet cable amplifies sound quality to a whole new level of clarity and depth. Upgrade your audio setup now and experience the difference bonafide superior craftsmanship makes in your daily life.  


Product Feature Detailed Specification
Conductor Material Solid 0.5% Silver conductors to eliminate strand interaction and minimize distortion
Insulation Type Solid High-Density Polyethylene (PE) for maintaining critical signal-pair geometry
Cable Directionality Arrows on the jacket indicate direction for optimal audio performance
Cable Capacity High-speed data capacity as per Cat 7 cable standard, allowing 10-Gigabit Ethernet over 100 m of copper cabling
Noise Control All conductors controlled for RF noise directionality
Conductor Design Solid conductors minimize harmful effects of both electrical and magnetic strand-to-strand interaction
Silver Plating Thick layers of silver plating applied to Long-Grain Copper (LGC) conductors for noise-dissipation
Jacket Rating CMG (CL3 & FT4) rated PVC Jacket
Connectors Gold-plated Nickel connectors with 100% shield coverage
Stock Availability 1.5 and 3m lengths are usually in stock, other lengths may require special request from AudioQuest
Distance Capability Up to 328 feet without an active booster or repeater
Usage Ideal for transferring high-frequency digital signals in real-time with extremely low-jitter and bit-perfect communication
Beneficial for Storing, distributing, and accessing digital media including photos, movies, and music
Extra Feature High-density polyethylene insulation stabilizes geometry
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AudioQuest - Forest - RJ/E Ethernet Cable

$109.00 $475.00 Inc. GST
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