AudioQuest – Golden Gate – Tonearm Cable

AudioQuest – Golden Gate – Tonearm Cable For audiophiles and vinyl enthusiasts who crave nothing short of auditory magnificence, the AudioQuest – Golden Gate – Tonearm Cable is not just a means to an end, but the start of an acoustic journey that redefines the limits of analog listening. Like the grandeur of its namesake, the Golden Gate ushers in an era of unparalleled sonic clarity, seamlessly connecting your turntable to your phono stage with the quiet elegance of a serene sunrise. Each cable in this series, starting with the meticulous Golden Gate, is a testament to AudioQuest’s unwavering commitment to auditory excellence—the result of an alchemical blend of high-purity metals, scrupulously selected dielectric materials, and advanced noise-dissipation technologies. Engage with a listening experience that embodies a purity that the audiophile in you has always aspired to; the Golden Gate breathes life into your vinyl, ensuring every harmonic, every note, and every delicate nuance is delivered with precision and warmth. Meticulously crafted with SOLID PERFECT-SURFACE COPPER (PSC) conductors and FOAMED-POLYETHYLENE INSULATION, this exquisite tonearm cable stands apart in an ocean of mediocrity, promising a listening experience as intimate and emotional as a private concert. The proprietary Metal-Layer Noise-Dissipation system embeds a sanctuary of quiet around your music, safeguarding it from the ubiquitous pollution of radio-frequency interference. Furthermore, with its meticulous direction-controlled conductors and cold-welded, gold-plated terminations, the AudioQuest Golden Gate isn’t just a cable—it’s the conduit to an auditory revelation. But be warned, our supply is as exclusive as the performance of this cable—contact us now to ensure your system is graced by the pinnacle of sonic innovation and integrity that is the Golden Gate. Only available in 1.5m to maintain its bespoke integrity, please reach out to us for in-store stock levels and prepare your ears for an experience that once heard, can never be unheard. Features:
  1. SOLID PERFECT-SURFACE COPPER (PSC) CONDUCTORS: AudioQuest’s proprietary Perfect-Surface Copper offers an astonishingly smooth and pure surface, resulting in significantly reduced distortion and a pristine sound quality that edges closer to the original recording.
  2. FOAMED-POLYETHYLENE INSULATION: The use of Foamed-Polyethylene provides an insulation with a high air content, leading to minimal energy absorption, reduced distortion, and a clean, focused sound.
  3. METAL-LAYER NOISE-DISSIPATION SYSTEM: AudioQuest’s advanced Noise-Dissipation technology effectively protects the signal from radio-frequency interference, ensuring that the music remains undisturbed by external noise for a more authentic listening experience.
  4. DIRECTION-CONTROLLED CONDUCTORS: The use of direction-controlled conductors within the Golden Gate cable ensures that any potentially induced noise is properly dissipated and drained away, maintaining the integrity of the audio signal from your turntable to your phono stage.
  5. COLD-WELDED, GOLD-PLATED TERMINATIONS: By utilizing a cold-welded connection method, the Golden Gate cable’s terminations avoid the introduction of distortion commonly associated with soldered points, ensuring a more reliable and sonically pure connection.
  6. DEDICATED GROUND WIRE: The inclusion of a ground wire helps in reducing hum and ensures a clean grounding solution, crucial for turntable connections.
  7. MULTIPLE MODELS WITH DBS SYSTEM: For those seeking an even more elevated audio experience, additional models in the Bridges & Falls Series, including Yosemite and Angel, come equipped with AudioQuest’s patented Dielectric-Bias System, elevating the standard of noise-dissipation and signal integrity to new heights.
  8. RESTRICTED LENGTH OF 1.5M: To maintain the integrity of signal transmission and reduce potential signal loss or degradation, the Golden Gate tonearm cable is specifically limited to a 1.5m length, reflecting AudioQuest’s dedication to optimal audio fidelity.
  1. Unsurpassed Audio Clarity: With the use of PSC conductors and sophisticated insulation, the Golden Gate cable presents the intricacies of your vinyl recordings with unparalleled clarity, enveloping you in an intimate acoustic experience.
  2. Reduced Signal Distortion: The combination of Foamed-Polyethylene insulation and Noise-Dissipation technology results in a pure soundstage, significantly diminishing signal distortion and allowing the music to retain its original character and warmth.
  3. Enhanced Noise Rejection: Metal-Layer Noise-Dissipation goes beyond traditional shielding to protect your audio from external noise pollution, providing a listening experience that’s as serene as it is vivid.
  4. Improved Audio Consistency: Direction-controlled conductors contribute to a consistently high-quality audio signal unaffected by unwanted noise, delivering a consistent performance that audiophiles demand.
  5. Superior Connection Integrity: The cold-welded, gold-plated terminations ensure a solid, high-quality connection, free from the variability often associated with soldered connections, granting you peace of mind and reliability.
  6. Deepened Audio Grounding: A dedicated ground wire prevents potential hum or noise, ensuring that your audio experience is not just detailed but also cleanly grounded, free from annoying distractions.
  7. Upgradable Listening Experience: For enthusiasts wishing to elevate their setup further, the availability of upgrade models with the DBS system offers an additional layer of audio perfection, emphasizing AudioQuest’s commitment to scalable audio excellence.
  8. Optimized Cable Performance: The 1.5m length restriction is designed to offer optimal performance by minimizing potential degradation over longer distances, promising an undiluted and profound experience for true connoisseurs.


Specification Details
Product Name AudioQuest – Golden Gate – Tonearm Cable
Series Bridges & Falls
Available Models Golden Gate, Yosemite, Angel, WEL Signature Limited Edition
Conductor Material Solid Perfect-Surface Copper (PSC)
Insulation Foamed-Polyethylene
Noise-Dissipation System Metal-Layer Noise-Dissipation with Direction-Controlled Conductors
Dielectric-Bias System (DBS) Included in Yosemite, Angel, and WEL Signature models
Conductor Size Larger conductors in WEL Signature compared to Angel
Layer Construction Alternating layers of metal and carbon-loaded synthetics in WEL Signature for enhanced noise-dissipation
Design Single jacket with dual channel design for flexibility
Ground Wire Incorporated in all models
Termination Type Cold-welded, gold-plated terminations; available in straight or 90-degree angled JIS plug
Connection Solderless connection
Length Available 1.5 meters
Stock Availability Limited stock; may require request from AudioQuest (Please enquire for in-store stock levels)
Intended Use Connecting tonearms to audio systems with minimized distortion and efficient noise dissipation
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