IsoAcoustics – GAIA II – Isolation Feet

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IsoAcoustics GAIA II-Isolation Feet

Awaken the clearest, most enriching, and purest clarity your audio has ever seen with the sensational IsoAcoustics GAIA II-Isolation Feet. Unearth the power of our patented design principles and gloat in the glory of superior sound definition, allowing you to immerse yourself in a prodigious acoustic experience like never before. Crafted with an elegant machined dark chrome metal housing, these isolators are created for floor standing speakers and subwoofers, capable of handling weights up to 120 lbs (54Kg) with ease. Revolutionary in theory and practice, the GAIA II is audacious in reducing lateral movement and oscillations, boosting your perception by keeping it meticulously aligned with your listening position. Benefit from greater openness with attenuated internal reflections from the hard-supporting surface, resulting in unparalleled sound clarity. Ignite a symphony in your living space as the GAIA II helps your sound stage to blossom, adding a magnificent three-dimensional image of natural and spatial sound. The GAIA II, topped with logo orientation customization and optimum underfoot adhesion, breaks through the boundaries of traditional audio experiences. By threading the GAIA II’s into the base of your speaker, you establish a resilient nexus with your speaker while managing the energy force with the GAIA’s internal isolator. With optional carpet spikes designed for stable support on even the thickest pile carpet, every aspect of the GAIA II ensures you’re treated to an audio sensation that makes every beat count. Discover how simple it is to elevate your sound to unforgettable heights with the IsoAcoustics GAIA II-Isolation Feet.


  1. Patented Isolation Design: Enjoy improved sound clarity and openness for floor standing speakers and subwoofers weighing up to 120 lbs. Our innovative design delivers unparalleled acoustic results that redefine your listening experience.
  2. Lateral Movement and Oscillation Reduction: With a focus on ensuring perfect alignment with the listening position, the GAIA II excels at resisting lateral movement and unwanted oscillations.
  3. Lower Isolator Adhesion: The GAIA lower isolators adhere to the supporting surface, guaranteeing stable sound setup and optimal listening conditions.
  4. Thread Adaptors Included: The GAIA II is equipped with thread adaptors in sizes M6-1.0, M8-1.25 and ¼”-20 to meet your speaker stand requirements.
  5. Customizable Logo Orientation: Align the isolators with the speaker’s motive forces by installing the GAIA isolators with the logo facing the listening position or rotated 180 degrees.
  6. Optional Carpet Spikes: Achieve improved performance on thicker pile carpets and underpads with our optional carpet spikes designed for the GAIA II.
  7. Durable and Elegant Design: With an elegant machined dark chrome metal housing, the GAIA II merges aesthetics with exceptional durability.


  1. Enhanced Acoustic Experience: With the GAIA II, you can enjoy a more natural, spatial, and three-dimensional audio experience.
  2. Remarkable Clarity: Our patented design principles attenuate internal reflections from hard-supporting surfaces, promising unparalleled audio clarity and openness.
  3. Taming of Energy Forces: The GAIA Isolation Feet tames the energy force between the speaker and the platform, directing less harmful vibrations away from the listening area.
  4. Robust Speaker Connection: The GAIA’s thread into the base of your speaker to establish a strong and resilient connection, promising uninterrupted sound.
  5. Versatility: Whether you’re using slim speakers or heavy subwoofers weighing up to 120lbs, the GAIA II Isolation Feet is your optimum choice for perfect sound isolation.
  6. Carpet-Friendly: The optional Carpet Spikes ensure stability even on carpeted floors, guaranteeing audio fidelity and reducing structural borne noise irrespective of floor type.
  7. Simplicity and Ease of Use: The GAIA II is not only about delivering excellent sound quality but also about making the installation process straightforward and hassle-free. Set up your speakers just where you want them, and let our isolators do their magic.
Specification Description
Product Type Isolation Feet
Purpose Provides improved sound clarity and openness for floor standing speakers and subwoofers
Weight Limit Up to 120lbs (54kg) for speakers and subwoofers
Design Finished in elegant machined dark chrome metal housing
Special Feature Patented design principles for extraordinary acoustic results
Acoustic Performance High degree of isolation, resists lateral movement and oscillations, increased sound clarity and openness
Optimized Positioning Install with logo facing the listening position, or rotated 180 degrees
Speaker Connection GAIA is threaded into the base of the speaker or subwoofer
Included Thread Adapters M6-1.0, M8-1.25, and ¼”-20
Additional Feature Optional Carpet Spikes for improved performance on thicker pile carpet
Product Quantity Sold as a 4-pc set
Structure Material Machined stainless steel
Dimensions 2” (W) X 1.7” (H) / 51mm x 43mm
Box Contents 4 Isolator feet, Four M12 threaded posts, Four M8 threaded posts, Four 1/4-20 threaded posts, Eight M8 nuts, Four M12 nuts, Four 1/4-20 nuts, Storage box
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IsoAcoustics - GAIA II - Isolation Feet

$499.00 Inc. GST

In stock

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