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Introducing the game-changer in the world of audio devices – the AudioQuest Fog Lifters. These devices are grounded in the principle that all audio enhancements stem from damage reduction. They impeccably intercept a significant source of misinformation – Radio Frequency (RF) Noise that connects from the floor into audio and AC cables. Common materials such as carpets, wood, or concrete offer a playground for RF energy seeking a path to a lower energy state. The Fog Lifters significantly attenuate this RF coupling, ensuring the preservation and clarity of low-level audio signals. With compact dimensions (5.6” x 5.6” footprint; 6.25” height), these lifesavers easily fit into your space. Each package comes with 8 Fog Lifters, ready to revolutionize your audio experience. Never again worry about your connection, the clutter or the noise – lift off into a whole new level of audio quality with AudioQuest Fog Lifters.


  1. Unparalleled RF Noise Reduction: Specifically designed to considerably reduce RF Noise infiltration from floors and isolating materials like carpets and wood.
  2. Compact dimensions: Effortlessly fit in your space without compromising functionality or decor.
  3. Package Content: Each package comes with 8 Fog Lifters, enabling comprehensive coverage for multiple audio and power cables.
  4. Advanced Technology: Developed using advanced technology that minimizes RF noise and preserves low-level audio signals.
  5. Universal Application: Suitable for use with both audio and AC power cables.


  1. Preserved Audio Signals: By reducing RF coupling, Fog Lifters preserve low-level audio signals, negating any possible distortion in your audio output.
  2. Clutter-Free Space: Their small and compact design ensures that these devices do not take up much space, maintaining organization and decluttering your space.
  3. Enhanced Audio Experience: By significantly attenuating RF coupling, the AudioQuest Fog Lifters lower your system’s noise floor, enhancing the sound and clarity of your audio devices.
  4. Improved Cable Protection: Reduces the damage caused by RF noise coupling, ensuring a longer lifespan for your cables.
  5. Improved Connectivity: Provides a secure and noise-free connection for any audio or AC power cable in your space.
  6. Convenience Value: Enjoy a high level of convenience with 8 units packed in one, ensuring multiple cables have the protection they need.
  7. Increased Audio Quality: Experience enhanced sound quality thanks to a decreased noise floor, resulting in clear, crisp audio output.
Rethink the sound of silence and hear the difference as you elevate into the world of clear, crisp audio with AudioQuest Fog Lifters.
Specification Description
Product AudioQuest – Fog Lifters
Use For use with audio and AC power cables to reduce RF Noise and preserve low-level audio signals
Solid Material Contact Places an absolute minimum of solid material in direct contact with the cable
Noise Reduction Decreases RF noise that is capacitively coupled into cables through all solid materials (carpet, stone, wood, etc.)
Package Includes Each package includes 8 Fog Lifters
Dimensions 5.6” x 5.6” (footprint); 6.25” (height)
Effectiveness Effectively addresses a significant source of misinformation—Radio-Frequency Noise coupled from the floor into audio and AC cables
Operational Concept Reduces RF coupling, whether with the floor, or due to misdirected efforts to isolate cable with stands or clamps that themselves have too much mass and are sources of RF Noise
Additional Features Due to their design, a few inches or centimetres can make a big difference—which translates into a lower noise-floor and less compromise to, and distortion in, attached active circuits
Shielding Effect If cables are shielded, the Fog Lifters still play an important role—as at high frequencies we’re bathed in thanks to cellular, Wi-Fi, etc., conventional shielding does not stop RF Noise from being capacitively coupled into signal-carrying conductors
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$275.00 Inc. GST

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