AudioQuest – Cinnamon – USB B to C cable

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Introducing the AudioQuest – Cinnamon – USB B to C Cable

The AudioQuest – Cinnamon – USB B to C cable is the epitome of excellence in digital communication. Designed for devices that demand superlative speeds and unparalleled performance, this innovative cable embraces the new era of USB Type-C connectors.

Key Features

  1. USB Type-C Connector: Seamlessly connects with a wide range of gadgets, including MacBook, ChromeBook, Pixel, Galaxy Note 7, and more.
  2. Newly Incorporated Strain-Relief System: Provides a durable structure between the USB cable and plug for a robust connection.
  3. Semi-Solid Concentric 1.25% Silver Conductors: Dramatically minimizes distortion and jitter for smooth running of high-frequency applications.
  4. Hard-Cell Foam Insulation: Maintains critical signal-pair geometry and reduces energy-absorbing distortion for a smoother and clearer audio experience.
  5. Controlled RF Noise Directionality: Meticulously controlled conductors ensure consistently clean and uninterrupted audio signals.

Key Benefits

  1. Broad Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of Type-C enabled devices for unswerving compatibility.
  2. Enhanced Durability: Built-in strain-relief system ensures lasting and reliable connection through multiple connect and disconnect cycles.
  3. Superior Audio Quality: Offers a high-end audio experience at a fraction of the cost with impressive performance similar to a solid silver cable.
  4. Reduced Distortion: HCF insulation technology reduces distortion and ensures clear sound representation.
  5. Noise-Free Experience: Controls RF noise directionality for a clean and undistorted sonic experience.

Specification Description
Digital Communication Speed Crucial for high-definition audio/video file transfers and USB audio
Time-Based Damage Prevention Minimizes jitter, ensuring smoother, clearer audio quality
USB Type-C Compatible with devices such as MacBook, ChromeBook, Pixel, and Galaxy Note 7
Durability Features a newly developed strain-relief system between the USB cable and plug
Semi-Solid Concentric 1.25% Silver Conductors Reduces strand-interaction distortion and jitter. Provides performance similar to a solid silver cable at a price closer to solid copper cable
Hard-Cell Foam Insulation Ensures critical signal-pair geometry. Reduces distortion through its nitrogen-injected, air-pocket-creating design, which doesn’t absorb or release energy from or into the conductor
RF Noise Directionality All conductors are controlled for RF noise directionality for optimal performance
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AudioQuest - Cinnamon - USB B to C cable

$159.00 $209.00 Inc. GST
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