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Product Description Unearth the utterly transformative audio experience provided by the AudioQuest – Cinnamon – Fiber-Optic Cable. Engineered for precision and exceptional audio fidelity, this cable crafts an immersive soundscape, ensuring your audio content shines in its highest clarity. Whether you’re connecting a DVD player to an A/V receiver or drawing forth the rich and crystalline audio from your television set, AudioQuest’s Toslink connectors are the industry standard solution. Experience convenience without compromise, as our cables are now offered in all models and lengths, available as Toslink to Toslink, and Toslink to 3.5mm Mini Optical. The secret lies in our Lower-Dispersion Higher-Purity Fiber Conductors, which eliminate the common issues of optical fibre transmission. These fibers, far from being average, are the guardians against audio distortion, ensuring a smooth, untainted signal that won’t fall prey to poor decoding or delayed arrivals. This is the proverbial ‘shot heard around the world’ — rapid-fire speed that does not sacrifice high-quality sound. The cable comes in-wall rated PVC for use in any context — your home, office or personal theater. This is not just a cable; this is an investment into an unparalleled audio experience. Note: 0.75 – 3m lengths are readily available; all other lengths can be obtained with a quick inquiry. Elevate your sound with AudioQuest – Cinnamon – Fiber-Optic Cable. Welcome to a world where audio is not just heard but experienced. Features
  1. Lower-Dispersion Higher-Purity Fiber Conductors: Our cables are engineered with exclusive Lower-Dispersion Higher-Purity fiber conductors that keep your signal free from signal distortion, ensuring flawless audio every time.
  2. Low-Jitter Design: Digital timing errors or ‘jitter’ can significantly impact the quality of your sound, but not with our cables. They are designed to minimize jitter, delivering a clear, smooth audio experience every time.
  3. Precision Polished Fiber Ends: Each cable is furnished with precision polished fiber ends allowing maximum signal transmission and a consistent, high-quality audio experience.
  4. In-Wall Rated PVC: It’s not just about how it sounds, but also about durability and longevity. Our cables come in-wall rated for use in any environment, whether it’s your home theater, office, or even outside installations.
  5. Variable Lengths: We understand everyone’s needs are unique, so we offer our cables in multiple lengths ranging from 0.75m to 3m, with the possibility to request specific lengths to cater to your exact needs.
  6. Versatile Connectivity: Our cables are available in Toslink to Toslink, and Toslink to 3.5mm Mini Optical configurations, making them fit perfectly in a wide variety of applications.
  1. Enhanced Sound Quality: The high-purity fiber conductors chip away the common issues of optical fiber transmission, delivering an audio experience free from distortions and delays.
  2. Maintain Audio Fidelity: The low-jitter design makes sure your audio won’t suffer from pesky digital timing errors that can affect sound quality, ensuring you can enjoy your music or movies as they’re meant to be heard.
  3. Durable and Versatile: The in-wall rated PVC offers remarkable durability and longevity. Whether inside, outside, or in-wall installations, the dependable build can handle any environment.
  4. Personalized Solution: The variety of lengths from 0.75m up to 3m ensures you have the right cable length for your needs; and for special setups, AudioQuest can provide customized lengths upon request.
  5. Wide Range of Applications: With Toslink and 3.5mm Mini Optical configurations, our cables can be easily used with a range of devices, from DVD players to A/V receivers, TV sets, subwoofers, and many more.
  6. Experience Audio Excellence: Don’t just hear, but truly experience audio with the superior performance of AudioQuest – Cinnamon – Fiber-Optic Cable. Welcome to a world where audio is not just heard but experienced.
Specifications Description
Product Name AudioQuest – Cinnamon – Fiber-Optic Cable
Higher-Purity Fibre Allows for optimal transmission, reducing light dispersion and achieving less distortion in the final audio signal.
Low-Jitter Minimizes digital timing errors, significantly enhancing the audio signal quality.
Precision Polished Fibre Ends Ensures a secure and high-quality connection with minimal data loss.
In-Wall Rated PVC Safe and suitable for use in wall installations.
Versatile Compatibility Can be easily connected to a wide range of devices, including DVD players, cable boxes, TV sets, subwoofers and modern portables with a dual-purpose 3.5mm headphone jack. Available in both Toslink to Toslink and Toslink to 3.5mm Mini Optical.
Length Options Available in 0.75 – 3 meter lengths (normally kept in stock); other lengths can be requested from AudioQuest and are usually kept in limited stock.
Notes on Stock Availability Due to high demand, it is recommended to enquire about in-store stock levels before purchasing.
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$119.00 $849.00 Inc. GST
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