AudioQuest – Carbon – USB Lightning Cable

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Introducing the AudioQuest Carbon USB Lightning Cable

Description: Experience an exalted, immersive digital audio experience with the AudioQuest Carbon USB Lightning Cable. Designed for technophiles who value every nuance and detail in their music and media, this cable has been precisely engineered to elevate your audio to new sonic heights. Seamlessly integrating with all iOS devices, it enhances the audio quality of your car journey or home entertainment, creating a rich, three-dimensional, and utterly engrossing audio landscape. Unlike average cables, the AudioQuest Carbon USB Lightning Cable features SOLID 5% SILVER CONDUCTORS that eliminate distortion and jitter. The high-purity silver layer closely replicates the effect of a solid silver cable at a more attractive price point. This unique manufacturing approach combines superior quality with competitive pricing. The cable also incorporates our exclusive HARD-CELL FOAM INSULATION technology. Nitrogen-inflated to create optimal air pockets, this ‘hard’ foam ensures consistent conductor distance along the entire cable, preserving the characteristic impedance and signal quality. Another standout feature is the CARBON-BASED 3-LAYER NOISE-DISSIPATION SYSTEM (NDS), which effectively prevents captured RF Interference in your audio grounds, ensuring pristine sound quality. Please note that due to its exceptional performance and popularity, the AudioQuest Carbon USB Lightning Cable may be in limited stock and may need to be requested from AudioQuest. For an unmatched audible experience, enquire more about the AudioQuest Carbon USB Lightning Cable today and step into the future of audio connectivity. Features:
  1. SOLID 5% SILVER CONDUCTORS: Provides excellent high-frequency transmission, minimizing distortion and jitter.
  2. HARD-CELL FOAM INSULATION: Ensures consistent conductor distance throughout the cable, preserving signal quality.
  3. CARBON-BASED 3-LAYER NOISE-DISSIPATION SYSTEM (NDS): Prevents RF Interference, ensuring pristine music quality.
  1. SUPERIOR AUDIO QUALITY: Enhances high-frequency applications for superior and distortion-free audio.
  2. CONSISTENT PERFORMANCE: Maintains signal quality along the entire cable.
  3. NOISE-FREE AUDIO: Eliminates most RF Interference for a pure audio experience.


Specification Details
Product Name AudioQuest – Carbon – USB Lightning Cable
Connectivity Compatibility Works with all recent iOS devices with Apple’s Lightning connector
Quality High-quality, low-distortion cable
Functionality Ideal for connecting mobile devices to car audio systems or streaming to a home entertainment system
Conductors SOLID 5% SILVER CONDUCTORS for excellent high-frequency transmission
Insulation HARD-CELL FOAM INSULATION for consistent conductor distance
Noise-Dissipation System CARBON-BASED 3-LAYER NOISE-DISSIPATION SYSTEM (NDS) for RF Interference prevention
Shield Coverage 100% shield coverage
Stock Availability Limited stock, enquire for more information
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AudioQuest - Carbon - USB Lightning Cable

$275.00 $349.00 Inc. GST
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