AudioQuest – Carbon – USB A to C

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AudioQuest Carbon – USB A to C Cable

Imagine a world where audio clarity isn’t just a dream, it’s a reality. Where the immersive depth of sound is siphoned through a data pipeline, emerging as a detailed, cinematic wave of euphonic delight. That world exists, through the conduit of AudioQuest’s advanced ‘Carbon—USB A to C’ cables.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced ‘Carbon—USB A to C’ cable system: Maximize your sonic experience with a cable that seamlessly transmits digital communication, eradicating audio jitter and rendering a 3D soundscape.
  2. Universal USB Type-C Connectors: Compatible with a variety of devices including MacBooks, ChromeBooks, Pixels, and Galaxy Note 7, ensuring broad applicability and usability.
  3. Strain-Relief System: Newly developed by AudioQuest, this system increases durability between the USB cable and plug, guaranteeing the longevity of the cable.
  4. Semi-Solid Concentric 5% Silver Conductors: An economical way to experience high-quality USB cables, these conductors minimize strand-interaction distortion and reduce jitter.
  5. Carbon-Based Noise and Crosstalk-Dissipation System: This multi-layer system decreases radio-frequency interference, allowing for purer sound and enhancing the overall listening experience.


  1. Enhances Audio Quality: Experience immortal audio clarity with advanced digital communication, capable of reassembling the analogue waveform as in the original.
  2. Broad Compatibility: Connect smoothly with MacBooks, ChromeBooks, Pixels, and Galaxy Note 7, making it the go-to choice for tech-savvy users.
  3. Durability: With the strain-relief system, enjoy a longer product lifecycle, providing extended durability and robust performance.
  4. Value for Money: Get closer to the performance of pure silver cables without breaking the bank via the Semi-Solid Concentric 5% Silver Conductors.
  5. Premium Sound Experience: Take your sound listening experience to the next level by eliminating radio-frequency interference, enabling a purer and improved dimensionality of audio.

Specification Description
Type USB A to C
Usage Ideal for transferring large files quickly, ideal for HD videos and USB audio streaming
Audio Quality Reduces strain-interaction distortion and jitter for clear sound
Conductor Material Semi-Solid Concentric 5% Silver Conductors
Conductor Construction Silver-plated for high-frequency applications
Noise and Crosstalk Dissipation System Multi-layer Carbon-based system reduces RF interference, enhancing audio quality
Durability Features a newly developed strain-relief system for robust durability between the USB cable and plug
Compatibility Compatible with USB Type-C enabled devices such as MacBook, ChromeBook, Pixel, Galaxy Note 7 and more
Length Availability 0.75m lengths are regularly kept in stock. All other lengths are kept in limited stock or requested from AudioQuest as required
Features Control for RF Noise directionality
Price Cost-effective manufacturing results in a high-quality cable priced closer to a copper cable.
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AudioQuest - Carbon - USB A to C

$275.00 $349.00 Inc. GST
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