IsoAcoustics – DELOS 2216/1 – Floating Island Isolation

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IsoAcoustics DELOS 2216/1 – Floating Island Isolation

Introducing the IsoAcoustics DELOS 2216/1 – the ‘Floating Island’ of Isolation, designed to breathe new life into your vinyl listening experience by delivering profound clarity and precision. Paired with the skilled craftsmanship of your turntable, this marvel takes an extraordinary journey through the grooves of your favorite records, enhancing those nuanced, delicate sounds that can so often be masked by ambient vibration. Crafted from supremely resilient Maple or visually striking Walnut, DELOS serves as a sanctuary for sound: a heavyweight butcher block heroically decoupled from its supporting surface, boldly defying structural vibrations and resonances. Now every note, every breath of sound produced by your amplifier, preamplifier, or disc player can be fully appreciated in an intimate auditory embrace. Just as Poseidon anchored the mythical floating island of Delos amidst the rough Aegean Sea, providing a safe harbor for the birth of the twin gods Apollo and Artemis, so too does IsoAcoustics’ patented isolation technology anchor and amplify your sound experience. The DELOS ‘Floating Island’, measuring an impressive 22″ x 16″ x 1 3/4″ and capable of supporting up to 100lbs, stands boldly, ready to elevate every audio adventure you embark upon. Prepare to immerse yourself in the sonic richness and intricate detail of your favorite soundtracks – free from the tyranny of unwanted vibrations – with IsoAcoustics DELOS 2216/1, your personal island of pure, unadulterated sound.


  • Butcher Block Construction: This speaker stand features a robust butcher block, made from your choice of Maple or Walnut, providing a sturdy and dense platform.
  • Superior Decoupling: IsoAcoustics’ patented isolation technology decouples your audio gear from the supporting surface to prevent structural vibrations from obscuring your sounds.
  • Large Dimensions: At 22” x 16” x 1 3/4”, the DELOS Floating Island can effortlessly accommodate a variety of turntables, amplifiers, preamplifiers, and disc players with space to spare.
  • High Load-bearing Capacity: This stand is capable of supporting up to 100lbs of weight, making it ideal for heavy audio equipment.
  • Acoustically Optimized Design: The combination of dense wood and patented IsoAcoustics isolation technology provides an effective low noise floor for high-fidelity audio playback.
  • Two Wood Options: Choose between light amber Maple, with a Janko Hardness Score of 1450 and ultra-durable attributes, or a dark brown Walnut, bold, rich with visible grains and a Janko Hardness Score of 1100.
  • Six Isolators: Six isolators give extra stability and support, minimizing vibrations and maximizing sound clarity.


  • Improved Sound Quality: The enhanced decoupling provided by IsoAcoustics’ patented isolation technology promises sharper, clearer, and more detailed sound.
  • Versatility: DELOS can provide isolation for various types of audio equipment, from turntables to disc players.
  • Unhindered Performance: With DELOS, every note played will be free from distortions caused by unwanted resonances and vibrations.
  • Damage Protection: The stand’s robust build and high weight capacity safeguard your audio equipment from potential damage.
  • Stunning Aesthetics: This stand not only greatly enhances your sound experience but also adds a visually striking element to your decor.
  • Simplicity: No complex installation or setup is necessary; simply lie DELOS under your audio gear and enjoy the difference.
  • Peace of Mind: Enjoy being lost in the music, secure in the knowledge that your audio equipment is residing on a rock-solid, vibration-killing platform.
  • Preserves Equipment: Provides a stable, isolated environment that helps extend the life and preserve the quality of your audio equipment.

Specification Description
Product Name IsoAcoustics – DELOS 2216/1 – Floating Island Isolation
Function Decouples the turntable from the supporting surface to diminish structural vibrations and resonances for greater clarity and detail
Use Cases Suitable for use under turntables, amplifiers, preamplifiers, and disc players
Technology IsoAcoustics’ patented isolation technology with large mass
Wood Type Maple – Light amber colour, Janko Hardness Score of 1450, Ultra-durable; or Walnut – Dark-brown colour, Bold and rich with swirls and visible grains, Janko Hardness Score of 1100
Dimensions 22” x 16” x 1 3/4” or 560mm x 405mm x 45mm
Number of Isolators 6
Weight Capacity 100lbs or 45.4kg
Key Feature Provides a low noise floor by eliminating the effects of structure-borne vibrations
Origin of Name The Floating Island of Delos from Greek Mythology
Setup Requires simple placement under your desired component
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IsoAcoustics - DELOS 2216/1 - Floating Island Isolation

$1,099.00 Inc. GST

In stock

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