AudioQuest – Thunderbird eARC – 8-10K HDMI Cable

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AudioQuest – Thunderbird eARC – 8-10K HDMI Cable

Dive into a majestic world of immersive audio-visual experiences with the AudioQuest – Thunderbird eARC – 8-10K HDMI cable. This exceptional wonder of technology is predominantly a unique special order item that vividly outshines industry norms.

Key Features & Benefits

  • 48Gbps Bandwidth: Constructed with a 48Gbps bandwidth, the Thunderbird eARC HDMI cable promises an elite level of performance driven by its impressive capacity for 8K-10K video and most recent video features. This allows users to enjoy their favorite films, series, and games in ultra-high resolution, generating an immersive, cinema-like viewing experience at home.
  • 10% Silver eARC Conductors: With 10% Silver eARC conductors and Ground-Reference conductors, these cables offer optimal data transfer, ensuring uncompromised superior sound quality. This allows you to fully traverse the depth and richness of the audio that accompanies the video experience.
  • Superior Noise Dissipation: AudioQuest’s proprietary Noise-Dissipation technology efficiently minimizes extraneous noise and interference. This ensures the cleanest signal path for your audio and video, delivering crystalline dialogue and immersive surround sound to your audio system, along with pixel-perfect images to your screen.
  • Backward Compatibility: The sophisticated construction of the AudioQuest HDMI cable ensures that it is fully compatible with existing 4K displays. This allows a seamless upgrade, providing users the luxury of superior performance without the need for additional devices.
  • Shielding from WiFi, Cellular, and Satellite Radiation: All 19 conductors in AudioQuest HDMI cables are direction-controlled, serving to drain away RF Noise that could compromise the performance of vulnerable circuits. This advanced method protects your sound and picture quality from being corrupted by modern technological pollutants, thereby safeguarding your viewing experience.
  • 10K Ultra-HD video capability: Transfer professional Ultra-HD video of up to 10K resolutions. The 48Gbps bandwidth is enabled by four balanced audio/video pairs, each capable of 12Gbps. Thus ensuring that even the most detailed and dynamic video content is delivered to your screen with pristine clarity and zero loss of quality.
  • Carbon layer shielding: The innovative Level 5 Noise-Dissipation feature includes the addition of high-loss graphene to the carbon layer sandwiched between layers of metal. This additional layer helps in effectively preserving the integrity of signals, ensuring remarkable audio and video quality.
Specification Description
Product Type HDMI Cable
Brand AudioQuest
Model Thunderbird eARC
Video Capability 8K-10K Ultra-HD Video
Bandwidth 48Gbps
Audio/Video Pairs 4 balanced pairs, 12Gbps each
Silver eARC Conductors 10% Silver eARC conductors and Ground-Reference conductors
Copper A/V Conductors 0.5% Silver-Plated Copper A/V Conductors
Noise Dissipation Level 5, with graphene + global carbon + directionality for minimized RF noise
Backwards Compatibility Fully compatible with existing 4K displays
Shielding Guarding against Wi-Fi, cellular, and satellite radiation
Advanced Design Ingredients Shared with 48-Series counterparts for superior performance
Cable Construction Featuring Long-Grain Copper (LGC) conductors and heavy silver plating
Special Order Item Predominantly, verify in-store stocks
Ideal Use Ideal for soundbars and other ARC input-equipped gear
Note Combines design resources for superior sonic performance at friendly prices
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AudioQuest - Thunderbird eARC - 8-10K HDMI Cable

$625.00 $999.00 Inc. GST
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