AudioQuest – Photon 48 – 8-10K High Speed HDMI Cable

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AudioQuest – Photon 48 – 8-10K High Speed HDMI Cable


Introducing the AudioQuest – Photon 48 -8-10K High Speed HDMI Cable – your ultimate gateway to unmatched visual gaming and entertainment experiences. The Photon 48 is no ordinary HDMI cable; it’s our uncompromised dedication to giving you the best in audio-video content that technology currently offers. Certified “Ultra High Speed” by HDMI Licensing, this cable is your all-access pass to the cutting-edge HDMI-2.1 features. Whether you’re diving into a high-intensity 4K@120 FPS game, experiencing an adrenaline-fueled action movie at 10K, or cozying up to the lifelike resolutions of a 4K streamed concert, this cable elevates your interaction to phenomenal levels. Designed with solid long-grain copper and all 19 control and signal conductors are Direction-Controlled, the Photon 48 promises not just superior synching between your audio/video components, but also improved sound and picture perflection. From your Xbox and Playstation consoles to your mammoth 8K TV screens and beyond, this HDMI cable is built to ensure that lag, judder, and frame tearing are things of the past. The Photon 48 is backed with AudioQuest’s limited lifetime warranty, further affirming our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Turn the ordinary into extraordinary with the AudioQuest – Photon 48 High Speed HDMI Cable. Welcome to a new era of immersive viewing and gaming experiences!

Features and Their Benefits:

  1. Certified “Ultra High Speed”: Your visual data transfer is as efficient as it can be, ensuring uninterrupted, lag-free viewing and gaming experience.
  2. HDMI-2.1: Enables the latest features including 4K@120 FPS (3840×2160) gaming, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), and Quick Frame Transport (QFT) ensuring speed and quality are always optimized.
  3. Resolution up to 10K: Allows for a rich, detailed and immersive home-entertainment viewing experience.
  4. Solid Long-Grain Copper Conductor: Ensures greater noise dissolution for exceptional picture and sound quality.
  5. Direction-Controlled All 19 Control and Signal Conductors: Reduces RF noise, helping to improve the quality of both audio and video signals.
  6. 4K Gaming up to 144Hz: Offers smooth gaming with maximum fine detail.
  7. 8K HDR: Brings twice the horizontal and vertical resolution of 4K for an ultra-realistic viewing experience.
  8. Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) for Smooth Gaming: Reduces or eliminates lag, judder, and frame tearing for a fluid and detailed gameplay.
  9. 48Gbps Bandwidth: Ensures a professional Ultra-HD level video transfer.
  10. Level 1 Noise Dissipation (HDMI): Direction-Controlled: Effectively minimizes the RF Noise, improving your viewing and gaming experience.
  11. eARC: Enhances audio return from your TV to your soundbar or AV receiver ensuring high quality sound.
  12. Limited Lifetime Warranty: Guarantees the long-lasting strength and performance of your cable, ensuring peace of mind with your purchase.
These features collectively ensure that the AudioQuest – Photon 48 – 8-10K High Speed HDMI Cable offers not just a viewing or a gaming experience, but an immersive journey into the world of high-quality audio and visual content. It escalates your standard home entertainment setup into a cinematic or gaming paradise, offering you unparalleled detail, color, sound, and responsiveness. As you sit back and dive in, rest assured knowing that we stand by our commitment to delivering excellence, with the promise of a lifetime warranty should the need ever arise.  
Specification Details
Product Type HDMI Cable with Ethernet
Brand AudioQuest
Model Cinnamon 4K
Conductors Solid 1.25% Silver
Conductor Features Eliminate strand-interaction distortion and reduce jitter. Superior performance for very high-frequency applications such as HDMI audio and video.
Insulation Foamed-Polyethylene
Insulation Features Air-filled for energy absorption minimization, reducing distortion. Causes less out-of-focus effect.
Data Capacity High-Speed, exceeds requirements for all possible HDMI 2.0/HDCP 2.2 data streams, including 4K UltraHD, HDR, and Blu-ray Ultra HD (up to 8 meters).
Ethernet Enabled in all cables up to 10 meters. Standard Speed with Ethernet from 12 to 20 meters.
Audio Return Channel (ARC) Enabled
Directionality All signal conductors controlled for digital-audio direction, ensuring superior sound quality.
Special Feature Arrows clearly marked on connectors for correct directionality and optimum performance.
Recomended Usage Ideally used with UHD Blu-ray players and upsampled sources.
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AudioQuest - Photon 48 - 8-10K High Speed HDMI Cable

$79.00 $299.00 Inc. GST
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