AudioQuest – Cinnamon – USB A to B Cable

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AudioQuest – Cinnamon – USB A to B Cable

Immerse yourself in a vast universe of sound with the AudioQuest – Cinnamon – USB A to B Cable. It’s not just a cable, it’s a conduit to clarity, delivering sublime audio efficiency in its purest form. Propelled by a narrative that defies conventional wisdom, it draws its strength from years of technological evolution, tracing its lineage back to 1982 when Sony first introduced “Perfect sound forever”. However, that notion, along with the belief that all CD players and S/PDIF digital audio cables offered identical sound quality, has long been disproven. The evolution doesn’t stop there. The realm of digital audio has yet again been redefined by AudioQuest. Do binary codes truly constitute the entirety of digital audio, or is there a more profound musicality at play? The Cinnamon USB doesn’t believe in simply transmitting ones and zeros. This cable crafts a symphony from those numbers, a symphony you’ll have to hear to understand. Designed with Semi-Solid Concentric 1.25% Silver Conductors, it reduces strand-interaction distortion and jitter, offering sterling performance rivalling a solid silver cable. The Hard-Cell Foam Insulation maintains the integrity of signal-pair geometry reducing distortion to a mere whisper. It’s time to challenge the status quo and discover the hitherto unexplored frontier in digital audio with the AudioQuest – Cinnamon – USB A to B Cable. It’s not just a phenomenal upgrade; it’s a totally different sound experience.


  1. Semi-Solid Concentric 1.25% Silver Conductors: The Cinnamon USB boasts semi-solid concentric silver conductors designed to drastically reduce strand-interaction distortion and jitter. These silver-plated conductors excel at accompanying very high-frequency applications, as seen in USB audio.
  2. Hard-Cell Foam Insulation: The hard-cell foam (HCF) insulation ensures the signal-pair geometry remains critical. Absorbing significantly less energy than your average wire insulation and circuit board materials, it reduces distortion significantly. This cable is injected with nitrogen to create air pockets, a process that further reduces distortion, as nitrogen, like air, does not absorb energy.
  3. RF Noise Directionality: The Cinnamon USB ensures that all conductors are controlled for Radio Frequency noise directionality. This feature adds another layer of cleanliness and integrity to your audio experience.


  1. The Purest Audio Experience: The Cinnamon USB Cable doesn’t simply transmit binary codes. It masterfully transforms these codes into an immersive sound experience, challenging the conventional understanding of digital audio.
  2. Better Than Solid Silver: With advancements in technology, and focusing on high purity silver’s surface conductivity, Cinnamon USB delivers an audio experience that rivals or even surpasses that of a solid silver cable, but at a much more cost-effective price.
  3. Stability & Consistency: The stiffness of the HCF Insulation allows the cable’s conductors to maintain a stable relationship throughout the full length of the cable, ensuring a consistent impedance character, and further minimizing distortion.
  4. Product Longevity: The focus on reducing strand interaction, jitter, and distortion means your Cinnamon USB cable is not just designed for optimal performance, but also longevity. The technology employed safeguards your cable from typical wear and tear that could degrade performance over time.
  5. Versatility: Whilst basic lengths of 0.75m and 1.5m are kept in stock at all times, a variety of custom lengths can also be ordered as per your individual needs.
  6. Trust in AudioQuest: With history dating back to 1982 and a continuous drive for evolution and innovation, you’re investing in a product backed by years of expertise and unrelenting commitment to superior audio experiences.

Brand AudioQuest
Product Name Cinnamon – USB A to B Cable
Conductor Material Semi-Solid Concentric 1.25% Silver
Insulation Hard-Cell Foam (HCF)
Noise Control All conductors controlled for RF Noise Directionality
Key Feature Reduces strand-interaction distortion and jitter
Length Options 0.75m and 1.5m (other lengths upon request)
In-Store Availability Please enquire for in-store stocks
Special note Ideal for high-frequency applications such as USB audio; offers performance close to that of a solid silver cable, but at a cost closer to solid copper cable.
Stock Limitations Only 0.75m and 1.5m lengths are kept in stock regularly; other lengths may be kept in limited stock or are requested from AudioQuest as needed.
Additional Information Hard-Cell Foam (HCF) Insulation creates air pockets, reducing energy absorption and distortion, while maintaining a stable conductor relationship for minimized distortion and a stable impedance character.
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AudioQuest - Cinnamon - USB A to B Cable

$159.00 $349.00 Inc. GST
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