AudioQuest – Carbon – AES/EBU XLR Digital Cable

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AudioQuest – Carbon – AES/EBU XLR Digital Cable

Discover the revolutionary digital sound experience with our potent AudioQuest – Carbon – AES/EBU XLR Digital Cable. Developed in collaboration between the vanguards of audio and broadcast technology, the Audio Engineering Society and European Broadcast Union, this product is not just exclusive to the mandarins of the professional world, but also exceptionally beneficial to the discerning audiophile at home. This cable boasts an unparalleled, balanced-digital interconnect that defies the norm, adeptly combating the enemy of all audio cables – intrusive noise. The specially crafted Carbon-based 5-Layer Noise-Dissipation System (NDS) does more than just shield. It acts as the mighty fortress against Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), absorbing and reflecting it, thus preventing the modulation of your equipment’s ground reference, a distortion that could infiltrate your audio environment. Unlike traditional shields that merely drain the noise, our groundbreaking NDS ensures zero distortion. The cutting-edge design features a Foil and Tinned Braid Shield and awe-inspiring Cold-Welded, Hanging-Silver Directly Over Pure Purple Copper Terminations. Our renowned Hard-Cell Foam Insulation works to ensure critical signal-pair geometry and reduces distortion by creating air pockets insulated with nitrogen, imitating the non-conductive property of air. With our Solid 5% Silver Conductors working in concert with increasingly thick layers of silver plating on Long-Grain Copper (LGC) conductors, unravel the ultimate sonic revelation. The AudioQuest – Carbon, AES/EBU XLR Digital Cable, is not just a cable, it’s a promise of fidelity personified to render the most pristine and immersive sound you’ve ever experienced.


  1. AES/EBU Standard: A professional, balanced-digital standard developed by the leaders of the audio and broadcast technology, the Audio Engineering Society and European Broadcast Union for impeccable sound quality.
  2. Carbon-Based 5-Layer Noise-Dissipation System (NDS): This groundbreaking technology ensures 100% shield coverage while absorbing and reflecting extraneous noise, delivering unparalleled audio purity.
  3. Foil + Tinned Braid Shield: Designed to further protect your audio signal from radio frequency interference, this design feature maximizes signal strength and integrity.
  4. Cold-Welded, Hanging-Silver Directly Over Pure Purple Copper Terminations: A cutting-edge technology that drastically minimizes data loss and signal degradation for the cleanest sound possible.
  5. Hard-Cell Foam Insulation: This patented insulation protects signal-pair geometry, reducing energy absorption and release for clearer, more accurate audio reproduction.
  6. Solid 5% Silver Conductors: These high-quality conductors minimize strand-to-strand interaction, improving noise-dissipation and enhancing overall audio performance.


  1. Professional Standard: Endowed with AES/EBU standard, the cable brings studio-grade sound experience right into your living room.
  2. Noiseless Audio: With the innovative NDS, you are shielded from intrusive noises, allowing you to fully appreciate the integrity of the sound.
  3. Enhanced Signal Integrity: The special Foil + Tinned Braid Shield safeguards the signal from potential interference, guaranteeing superior sound clarity.
  4. Crystal-clear Sound: The application of Hanging-Silver Directly Over Pure Purple Copper terminations minimizes data loss and distortion, providing ultra-clear sound.
  5. Accurate Sound Production: Hard-Cell Foam Insulation around cable’s conductors reduces distortion, promising a truthful representation of sound.
  6. Superior Audio Performance: Solid 5% silver conductors ensure a smoother and more refined sound, enriching your listening experience.


Specification Description
Cable Type AudioQuest – Carbon – AES/EBU XLR Digital Cable
Application Suitable for both professional and domestic environments
Interconnect System Two-channel digital standard for interconnecting digital devices, developed jointly by the Audio Engineering Society and the European Broadcast Union
Noise Dissipation System Carbon-based 5-layer system that prevents Radio Frequency Interference from modulating the equipment’s ground reference
Shield System Foil + Tinned Braid Shield
Terminations Cold-Welded, Hanging-Silver Directly Over Pure Purple Copper
Insulation Hard-Cell Foam Insulation that ensures critical signal-pair geometry
Conductors Solid 5% Silver Conductors, which minimizes the harmful effects of both electrical and magnetic strand-to-strand interaction
Additional Feature Increasingly thick layers of silver plating are applied to AudioQuest’s Long-Grain Copper (LGC) conductors to further improve Noise-Dissipation
Design Philosophy Places the superior metal on the outside of the conductor to deliver the greatest benefit on overall performance
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AudioQuest - Carbon - AES/EBU XLR Digital Cable

$475.00 $849.00 Inc. GST
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