AudioQuest – Angel – Tonearm Cable

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AudioQuest Angel Tonearm Cable

Embark on a sonic expedition that elevates every nuance and whispers of your vinyl record collection with AudioQuest’s Angel Tonearm Cable — the pinnacle of aural sophistication from their much-lauded Bridges & Falls Series. Meticulously engineered to transcend the ordinary, the Angel stands at the zenith of analog audio connectivity, harmonizing your turntable’s tonearm to your phono preamp with unparalleled grace.

Features / Benefits

  • Immaculate Signal Integrity with Solid Perfect-Surface Silver (PSS) Conductors
  • Every strand of music flows with unadulterated purity through Solid Perfect-Surface Silver conductors, ensuring that the most delicate nuances of your vinyl are preserved from the tonearm to the phono stage.
  • The benefit of this feature is a depth and clarity in audio reproduction that’s as close to the original performance as possible.
  • Resilient Audio Clarity Using FEP Air-Tube Dielectric
  • The FEP Air-Tube Dielectric encompasses the PSS conductors like a protective cocoon, virtually eliminating electrical interference that can taint the sound.
  • The separation from surrounding materials results in a benefit that listeners will appreciate — a clean, unobtrusive soundstage where every instrument and vocal takes its rightful place.
  • Advanced Carbon-Based Noise-Dissipation System
  • Unwanted radio-frequency noise is a thing of the past with AudioQuest’s Carbon-Based Noise-Dissipation system.
  • The complex weave of carbon and metal loads act as a shield against external interferences, benefiting listeners through a more engaging, immersive listening experience devoid of sonic pollutants.
  • Innovative 72V Dielectric-Bias System (DBS)
  • Equipped with AudioQuest’s patented DBS, the Angel Tonearm Cable ensures a consistent and smooth signal flow.
  • Biasing the insulation reduces noise, preventing it from entering the signal path.
  • The ultimate benefit to you is a remarkably pure and dynamic sound that breathes life into every musical passage.
  • Direction-Controlled Conductors to Target Noise
  • Harnessing the science of signal flow, AudioQuest’s Direction-Controlled Conductors guide noise away from where it can detract from the audio signal.
  • By optimizing the path of noise dissipation, these conductors are a safeguard that benefits your listening session with a quieter noise floor and heightened musical definition.
  • Pure Connection with Cold-Welded, Direct-Silver Plated Pure Red Copper Terminations
  • The painstaking process of cold-welding, combined with direct-silver plating, eschews traditional soldering methods which often introduce distortion.
  • The direct connection made between cable and connector yields the benefit of ushering pure, unaltered audio signals, delivering an unblemished harmonic integrity to your system.
  • A Singular Crafted Masterpiece
  • With exclusivity in mind, the Angel Tonearm Cable offers not just a stellar aural performance but also a distinctive ownership experience.
  • As it’s only available in a premium 1.2m length, your audio setup benefits from not just a breathtaking sound but also the cachet of a rare, finely crafted audio component.
  • Versatile Yet Focused Design
  • Although it shares its design philosophy with the Golden Gate and Yosemite cables for physical flexibility and performance, Angel takes these principles to the zenith.
  • Its specialized build safeguards and enhances your vinyl audio playback, benefiting the discerning audiophile with a transcendent auditory experience.
  • A Personal Invitation to Audiophile Excellence
  • The Angel Tonearm Cable is not just a product; it’s an intimate proposal to engage with music like never before.
  • Every feature culminates in benefits that transform listening sessions — translating into the emotional communication of music in its purest form.

Specification Detail
Product Name AudioQuest – Angel – Tonearm Cable
Series Bridges & Falls
Conductor Material Solid Perfect-Surface Silver (PSS)
Dielectric FEP Air-Tube for positive conductors; ‘Lossy’ insulation for negative conductors
Noise-Dissipation System Carbon-Based Noise-Dissipation; 72v Dielectric-Bias System (DBS)
Conductor Directionality Direction-Controlled
Termination Type Cold-Welded, Direct-Silver Plated Pure Red Copper
Termination Options Straight or 90-degree Angled JIS plug, with separate ground wire
Cable Length 1.2 meters (only available length)
Unique Features DBS includes patented technology for wide-bandwidth RF noise dissipation
Additional Notes – Limited stock availability; enquire for in-store levels
– Incorporates multi-layer noise-dissipation with alternating layers of metal and carbon-loaded synthetics (WEL Signature variant)
– Avoids nickel plating to minimize distortion
– May require special order request from AudioQuest

Please note that all specifications are based on the provided product information and assume that the AudioQuest – Angel – Tonearm Cable shares features with the Bridges & Falls Series. Features that are unique to other models in the series (such as the WEL Signature) are included for reference. For accurate pricing and stock levels, please contact us directly.

In the vast firmament of high-fidelity audio, few accessories can claim the transformative power of the AudioQuest Angel Tonearm Cable—a true conductor of celestial sound. As you stand at the precipice of audio enlightenment, let the Angel be the final piece of your audiophile puzzle, the bridge between your passion for vinyl and the elusive sonic purity you seek. Revel in the symphony of unclouded harmonies, the intimate breaths of each instrument, and the silent pauses that carry weight in their quietude. When the needle drops on your beloved record, you’ll hear not just music, but the palpable presence of the artists, enshrined within your sanctuary of sound.

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AudioQuest - Angel - Tonearm Cable

$2,100.00 Inc. GST
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