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Unleash the authentic, unadulterated euphony of sound to your ears with unprecedented precision. Introduce yourself to AudioQuest’s 1007 Series – Banana Connectors and level up your acoustic experience. This meticulously designed product ensures impeccable transmission of auditory signals, giving you a rich, unblemished soundscape every time. Product Features:
  1. High-End Material: Fashioned from a single piece of robust high-purity Pure Red Copper, our banana connectors maintain superior conductivity for better signaling and sound quality.
  2. Direct Plating: Utilizing a unique hanging silver plating applied directly over the base material, the connectors ensure virtually zero signal loss, facilitating a seamless and distortion-free sound experience.
  3. Cold-Welded Connection: Soldering is a sound compromising step. Our connectors feature a cold-welded design that enriches the overall audio performance and lifespan of the connector.
  4. Choice of Sets: Our Banana Connectors come in two options, a 4-piece set for a wholesome range experience, or a 6-piece bi-wire set for more extensive setups.
  5. Top-notch Durability: With cold-welded constructions, our connectors maintain their structural fidelity even under rigorous use, promising long-lasting durability and quality performance.
  6. Stylish Aesthetics: Housed in a refined silver sheen, our connectors not only enhance sonic integrity but also complement your audio-system aesthetics.
Product Benefits:
  1. Improved Sound Quality: Experience immersive and vivid soundscapes that reflect true-to-life vocals and instruments, courtesy of our high-purity Pure Red Copper connectors.
  2. Minimal Signal Loss: Leave behind distortion and signal interference with our unique hanging silver plating, providing clear, rich, and dimensional sound.
  3. Aesthetic Harmony: In addition to superior performance, our silver connectors blend seamlessly into your hi-fi setup, adding a classy touch to your sound system.
  4. Hassle-Free Installation: The cold-welded connection ensures an effortless installation process and creates a reliable bond that avoids signal degradation and sound interference.
  5. Custom Set Options: Choose among our tailored sets of connectors to meet your specific acoustic needs, ensuring a versatile and compatible solution for any audio setup.
  6. Extended Durability: Our cold-welded construction ensures that the connectors are built to last, providing consistent high-quality sound reproduction, time after time.
Specification Details
Product Name AudioQuest – 1007 Series – Banana Connectors
Availability Please enquire for in-store stock levels
Varieties Full Range – Set of 4 (2 x black, 2 x red), Single Bi-Wire – Set of 6 (2 x amplifier, 4 x speaker)
Color Silver only
Stock Note This item is in limited stock and may need to be requested in from AudioQuest. Please enquire for more information
Material One-piece solid High-purity Pure Red Copper
Features Superior sound quality due to the absence of multiple pieces or brass
Plating Pure “Hanging Silver” directly-plated without sound-damaging intermediary layer
Connection Features Cold-Welded connection instead of sound-damaging solder
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$349.00 $549.00 Inc. GST
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