Advance Paris – X-A1200 – Mono Power Amplifier

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Dive into the epitome of acoustic excellence with the Advance Paris X-A1200 Mono Power Amplifier, a true masterpiece designed for the connoisseurs of pristine sound. At The Audio Tailor, Australia’s premier hi-fi destination, we are excited to showcase this formidable addition to your audio sanctuary. The X-A1200 stands as a testament to superior engineering, with a commitment to sonic integrity that will satisfy even the most discerning ears. Its monophonic configuration eliminates cross-channel interference, ensuring a pure, unadulterated audio experience with an awe-inspiring 450 Watts RMS on 8 Ohms, and a colossal 700 W RMS on 4Ω. The meticulously oversized power supply, featuring a colossal 1 VA toroidal transformer and deluxe capacitors, guarantees the amplifier’s ability to deliver relentless power with effortless grace. The sophisticated high bias class A mode for those initial Watts, and a seamless transition to class AB, ensures the X-A1200 delivers the ultimate in dynamic range and sound fidelity. Housed in a robust, compartmentalized chassis, every detail of this amplifier is crafted for both visual splendor and acoustic integrity. With a frequency response spanning from 10 Hz to 80 kHz and an incredible signal-to-noise ratio of 113 dB, the X-A1200 turns every listening session into a symphony of clarity. Embrace the power and elegance of Advance Paris’s audio prowess and transform your listening environment with the X-A1200—where every note is a stroke of auditory perfection.

Immerse yourself in pure auditory excellence with the Advance Paris X-A1200 Mono Power Amplifier

The Advance Paris X-A1200 Mono Power Amplifier is a powerful and elegant amplifier designed for those who appreciate high-fidelity sound. Crafted with the discerning connoisseur in mind, this amplifier creates a symphony of sensation for the discerning ear.


  • Monophonic Power Amplifier Design: The X-A1200’s design eliminates channel interaction, ensuring audio clarity between the left and right speakers.
  • Oversized Power Supply: Boasting a 1,000 VA toroidal transformer, twin power diode bridges, and 10,000 μF capacitors, the unit ensures consistent, clean power delivery.
  • High-Current Power Transistors: Equipped with 10 high-current power transistors, providing an impressive electrical current flow for powerful and precise amplification.
  • Customizable Bias Setting: Users can enjoy the warmth of Class A amplification with the High Bias mode before it transitions to Class AB for greater efficiency.
  • Robust Frame Design: A rigid frame and compartmentalized interior reduce unwanted resonances and provide galvanic isolation for superior sound fidelity.
  • High Output Power: The X-A1200 delivers 450 Watts RMS into 8 Ohms and over 700 Watts RMS into 4 Ohms, suitable for even the most demanding speakers.
  • Exceptional Frequency Response: A wide frequency response range from 10 Hz to 80 kHz captures the full spectrum of audible sound, ensuring a detailed and balanced performance.
  • Low Distortion: With distortion levels ≤ 0.003%, the X-A1200 provides crisp and true audio output.
  • High Signal-to-Noise Ratio: A signal-to-noise ratio of 113 dB guarantees a noise-free background, highlighting the music’s purity and detail.
  • Elegant VU-Meter: The front-facing, luminescent VU-meter adds a touch of classic audiophile appeal and allows for visual monitoring of output levels.


  • Unrivaled Audio Purity: Experience music with a level of clarity and detail that only a dedicated monophonic amplifier can provide.
  • Dynamic Power Handling: Effortlessly power large and demanding speakers, feeling every vibration and note with stunning impact and control.
  • Versatility and Precision: Tailor your listening experience with the High Bias mode, merging the smoothness of Class A with the dynamic range of Class AB.
  • Built for Audiophiles: Crafted to minimize vibration and electrical interference, the X-A1200 ensures your focus remains solely on the music.
  • Immense Headroom: The generous output power keeps distortion imperceptible, maintaining audio integrity.
  • Articulate Sound Reproduction: With an extensive frequency response, enjoy high-resolution audio that captures every nuance.
  • Flawless Audio Delivery: Indulge in the true essence of your favorite tracks, undisturbed by noise or distortion.
  • Aesthetic and Functional Design: The X-A1200 serves as a centerpiece for any premier audio setup, with its sophisticated aesthetic and functional design.
  • Reliable Performance: Trust in an amplifier engineered to the highest standards, delivering consistent performance throughout extended listening sessions.
  • Engaging Visual Insight: Monitor audio power levels with the stylish VU-meter, enhancing your interaction with the amplifier’s performance.
Specification Details
Product Name
Advance Paris – X-A1200 – Mono Power Amplifier
Output Power (8Ω)
> 450 Watts RMS
Output Power (4Ω)
> 700 Watts RMS
Frequency Response
10 Hz – 80 kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
≤ 0.003%
Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR)
113 dB
Standby Consumption
0.45 Watts
Input Impedance (Unbalanced)
32 kΩ
Input Impedance (Balanced)
38 kΩ
34.2 dB ± 1 dB
Transformer Power
1000 Watts
Dimensions (H x W x D)
235 mm x 431 mm x 450 mm
Net Weight
25.5 Kg
Special Features
High Bias Mode Class A Switchable, Oversized Power Supply
Monoblock Design, Compartmentalized, Steel Cover, Robust Frame

Please note that the specifications are presented in a table format for ease of reference and are crafted to meet the high standards expected by audiophiles and music enthusiasts seeking exceptional performance and luxury in their audio systems.

The Advance Paris X-A1200 Mono Power Amplifier is available at AV Toys, Australia’s premier Hi-Fi destination. Contact our dedicated HiFi experts at our store, or reach out via phone or email, to explore the profound impact the X-A1200 will have on your auditory experience. Embrace the pinnacle of power and precision with the Advance Paris X-A1200, the heart of your audio system and the maestro to your musical haven.

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Advance Paris - X-A1200 - Mono Power Amplifier

$6,499.00 Inc. GST

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