IsoAcoustics – GAIA Titan Rhea 80 – Isolation Feet

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IsoAcoustics GAIA Titan Rhea 80 – Isolation Feet

Immerse yourself in the uncompromising brilliance of sound with the IsoAcoustics GAIA Titan Rhea 80 – Isolation Feet. This indispensable asset, tailored to premium high fidelity speakers, unleashes a significant improvement in sound clarity and openness, elevating your music experience to uncharted territories. The GAIA Titan Rhea 80, built for discerning audiophiles, guarantees that modern high-end speakers are equipped with the equivalent of a race-car’s performance tires, delivering stunning accuracy and an exhilarating punch while capturing the most imperceptible sound details. As with the original, award-winning GAIA series, the GAIA‐TITAN series features our unique patented isolation technology. These isolation feet are finely crafted from machined stainless steel, meticulously engineered to resist lateral movement and oscillations. The result is a beautifully fine-tuned positioning of your speakers, ensuring unwavering accuracy and alignment with the listening position. Gain the advantage of attenuated internal reflections from your hard supporting surface, followed by a dramatic openness and sound clarity. What’s more? Experience a blossoming three-dimensional, spatial sound image, as your soundstage takes on a new life. The directional design of every GAIA Titan Isolator is intended for optimal results when the logo faces the listening position. This prevents unnecessary vibrations from resonating through to the supporting surface, eliminating any undesirable sounds from spoiling your listening experience or reaching the adjoining rooms. With additional features like Carpet Discs to ensure a secure connection for carpeted flooring, these isolator feet are designed to help your speakers reach unprecedented potential. Witness the transformative power of the IsoAcoustics GAIA Titan Rhea 80 – Isolation Feet, bringing to life an open, natural, spatial sound so palpable; you won’t just hear it – you’ll practically feel it!


  1. High Fidelity Performance: The GAIA Titan Rhea 80 is designed for modern high-end speakers, enhancing their performance and providing punch without missing the most subtle details. Your speakers can deliver even more remarkable natural openness and clarity.
  2. Patented Isolation Technology: IsoAcoustics’ patented design offers a high degree of speaker isolation, resisting lateral movements and oscillations, to maintain accuracy and alignment with the listening position – just like the original GAIA series.
  3. Dramatically Improved Sound Clarity: The GAIA Titan Rhea 80 is designed to attenuate internal reflections from hard supporting surfaces, resulting in a significant improvement in sound clarity and openness of your speakers.
  4. Enhanced Three-dimensional Sound: Treat your ears to a three-dimensional image of natural, spatial sound as the soundstage blossoms open, providing an immersive and engaging listening experience.
  5. Directional Design: GAIA Titan’s patented isolation design is directional. Optimal results are best experienced with the logo facing the listening position, aligning the isolator’s with the speaker’s motive forces.
  6. Adaptable to Carpeted Flooring: Each GAIA Titan model features Carpet Discs that allow the GAIA’s to connect securely to the solid flooring below carpets, making it suitable for various flooring types.
  7. Vibration Reduction: GAIA Titan’s isolating feet are designed to manage the energy of the speaker to diminish vibrations resonating through the supporting surface and eliminate dissonant sounds in the listening area or neighboring rooms.


  1. Elevated Audio Experience: Immerse yourself in an unparalleled audio experience with improved sound clarity, openness, and natural, spatial sound.
  2. Precision & Accuracy: The powerful isolation technology ensures unwavering accuracy and alignment with your listening position, effectively capturing the tiniest acoustic details.
  3. Versatility: Whether your floors are carpeted or bare, the GAIA Titan Rhea 80 has you covered with its uniquely designed Carpet Discs and directional design.
  4. Improved Stereophonic Image: By reducing internal reflections and eliminating smear, the GAIA Titan creates an open stereo image of natural spatial sound, keeping the stereo image intact and multidimensional.
  5. Quality & Durability: The finely crafted machined stainless steel offers a robust and resilient design, promising longevity and enduring performance.
  6. Fluid Installation: With several different types of threaded posts and nuts included in the box, you’ll have all you need for a stress-free set-up process to swiftly transform your music experience.
Order your IsoAcoustics GAIA Titan Rhea 80 – Isolation Feet and unlock the potential of your high-end speakers, being bathed in a tangible, exceptional quality of sound, so clear that you not only hear but feel every nuance. Step up to the ultimate audio experience, where modern technology meets timeless craft.  

Specification Description
Product IsoAcoustics – GAIA Titan Rhea 80 – Isolation Feet
Compatibility Premium high fidelity speakers
Benefit Remarkable improvement in sound clarity and openness. Helps high end speakers to reach their full potential
Included Technology Patented IsoAcoustics isolation design. Same technology as the original award-winning GAIA series
Material Machined stainless steel units provide a high degree of speaker isolation
Resistance Resists lateral movement and oscillations to maintain accuracy and alignment
Directional Design Optimal results heard when GAIA-Titan isolators are installed with the logo facing the listening position
Lower Isolator Designed to adhere to the supporting surface. For carpeted flooring, Carpet Discs are available for each GAIA-Titan model
Energy Management The isolators manage the speaker’s energy to reduce vibrations and eliminate dissonant sounds
Reduction of Internal Reflections Reduces internal reflections to eliminate smear, resulting in an open stereo image of natural spatial sound
Supporting Capability Supports speakers up to 190kg
Quantity Sold as a 4-pc set
Performance Improvement Improved musical performance with large floorstanding speakers
Structure Material Machined stainless steel structure
In the Box Four Isolator feet, Four M12 threaded posts, Four M8 threaded posts, Four 1/4-20 threaded posts, Eight M8 nuts, Four M12 nuts, Four 1/4-20 nuts, Storage box
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IsoAcoustics - GAIA Titan Rhea 80 - Isolation Feet

$1,899.00 Inc. GST

In stock

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