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Dive into the immersive world of high fidelity audio with the AudioQuest – Vodka – Fiber-Optic Cable. As pioneering leaders in the audio industry, AudioQuest’s foray into refining and reinventing their highly esteemed OptiLink cables has made their mark in elevating the quality of your sound experience. Having understood that the Toslink connectivity is no longer limited to DVD players and A/V receivers, but has expanded its roots into diverse devices like cable boxes, TV sets, subwoofers, and multiple other products, including your commonplace 3.5mm headphones jack in your Mac laptop, AudioQuest’s refreshed line of cables is now available in two versatile models- the Toslink to Toslink cable and the Toslink to the ubiquitous 3.5mm Mini Optical. Wondering how is it possible for a simple fiber-optic cable to transform your sound? Stay with us to understand the magic woven into the AudioQuest’s innovation. Unlike other cables, the secret of the sound lies in the fiber and the light entering it. Dispersed light caused by imperfections in the fiber can cause decoding problems, leading to distortions in your audio signal. AudioQuest’s solution? A precision-engineered multi-fiber cable that aptly controls the dispersion of light and thus, reduces distortion. Wrapped in a polymer bundle that allows for a narrow-aperture effect, this cable results in a more concentrated sound transmission. Don’t let yourself worry about stocking of this marvelously engineered product. AudioQuest has you covered with this limited edition Vodka Fiber-Optic cable that can easily be requested for directly from them. Dive right into the unparalleled sensory experience and, listen and enjoy. Elevate your sound, enrich your experiences, and energize your life with the AudioQuest Vodka Fiber-Optic cable!


  1. Advanced Fiber-Optic Technology: The AudioQuest Vodka Fiber-Optic cable adopts modern fiber-optic technology which goes beyond the conventional limitations of connectivity. Dive into the vast world of sound with undisrupted and smoother sound transmission.
  2. 217 Narrow-Aperture Synthetic Fibers: The cable boasts 217 Narrow-Aperture Synthetic Fibers which reduce light dispersion drastically and assists in focused, sharper, and richer sound transmission.
  3. Low-Jitter Design: Featuring a design that effectively minimizes digital timing errors, aka jitter, the cable aids in delivering accurate, synchronous signals for high-definition audio experience.
  4. Precision Polished Fiber Ends: The precision polished fiber ends of the AudioQuest Vodka Fiber-Optic Cable facilitate the optimal transfer of digital audio signals, minimizing loss and maximizing sound quality.
  5. Available in Two Models: The Vodka Fiber-Optic cable comes in two versatile models for better compatibility with different devices – Toslink to Toslink and Toslink to the ubiquitous 3.5mm Mini Optical.


  1. Transformed Sound Experience: The AudioQuest Vodka Fiber-Optic Cable transforms your audio experience by significantly reducing distortion and providing you with clearer and more intense sound.
  2. Broader Compatibility: The cable’s presence in two models – Toslink to Toslink and Toslink to mini 3.5mm, ensures it can connect you to an array of devices from conventional A/V receivers or DVD players to modern-day subwoofers, TV sets, and even the ubiquitous 3.5mm headphone jack in your Mac laptop.
  3. Enhanced Signal Precision: The precision-engineered design effectively aids in controlling the dispersion of light to provide significantly higher signal integrity and sound precision ultimately resulting in a superior audio experience.
  4. Reduced Bandwidth Distortion: With its innovative fiber-optic technology, the cable lessens bandwidth distortion, permitting the complete audio spectrum to reach your ears without any delay.
  5. Luxurious, High-Quality Listening Experience: Wrapped up in all of its innovative features, the AudioQuest Vodka Fiber-Optic Cable promises to provide a luxurious, high-quality sound experience, making it a fantastic addition to any serious audio enthusiast’s kit. It’s not just a cable, it’s your passport to an enhanced auditory journey.
Note: The AudioQuest Vodka Fiber-Optic Cable is a limited edition product, and its availability may vary based on demand. Therefore, it is advisable to inquire about its availability when planning to purchase.  
Specification Description
Product Type Fiber-Optic Cable
Brand AudioQuest
Model Vodka
Use Case Connection between DVD players, A/V receivers, cable boxes, TV sets, subwoofers, and various other products
Connector Types Available in Toslink to Toslink and Toslink to 3.5mm Mini Optical
Fibre Count 217 Narrow-Aperture Synthetic Fibers
Error Correction Low-Jitter (Digital Timing Errors)
Fiber Ends Precision Polished
Dispersion Reduction Mechanism Uses multiple smaller fibers within a 1.0mm bundle to reduce angle differences and time delays
Improved audio output Reduced light dispersion in the fibers, leading to less distortion in the final analog audio signal
Special Note Possible delayed product availability, please confirm with store
Additional Feature Compatible with 3.5mm Mini Optical inputs, perfect for Mac laptops and high-end portables
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$399.00 $2,650.00 Inc. GST
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