AudioQuest – Pearl 48 8-10K HDMI Cable

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AudioQuest – Pearl 48 – 8-10K HDMI Cable

Immerse yourself in an unparalleled audio-visual experience with the AudioQuest – Pearl 48 – 8-10K HDMI Cable, a top-tier product boasting features that embrace the future of high-definition technology. With AudioQuest’s history of delivering superb audio gear, this new addition to the 48 and eARC-Priority Series steals the spotlight as our best-sounding HDMI cable to date.

Key Features

  1. High Bandwidth: The AudioQuest – Pearl 48 – 8-10K HDMI Cable emanates high bandwidth speeds achieving up to 48Gbps, meticulously facilitated by four balanced audio/video pairs, each potent and capable of 12Gbps.
  2. High-Purity Long-Grain Copper Conductors: High-purity Long-Grain Copper (LGC) conductors, direction-controlled for optimal efficiency, kick out radio-frequency noise, which radically enhances audio-visual performance.
  3. High Definition Video Support: With the capacity to deliver up to professional 10K Ultra-HD video performance and support for resolutions/refresh rates up to 8K/60 and 4K/120, this HDMI cable offers visuals like never before.
  4. eARC Technology: With emphasis on eARC conductors and usage of superior metals, Direction-Controlled Conductors, a powerful HDMI cable is born that promises high-resolution multichannel audio, including Dolby TrueHD, Atmos, and DTS-HD Master Audio and DTS: X.
  5. Level 1 Noise-Dissipation: Integrated with Level-1 Noise-Dissipation technology, the cable ensures the destructive effects of Wi-Fi, cellular, and satellite radiation are stemmed, offering a crystal-clear viewing experience.
  6. Limited Lifetime Warranty: The warranty ensures that if any manufacturing defects arise, you are covered, underscoring our commitment to supreme quality and manufacturing excellence.


  1. Revolutionize Your Viewing Experience: With incredible bandwidth speeds and cutting-edge high-definition technology, experience an enveloping audio-visual immersion that takes home entertainment to the next level.
  2. Uncompromised Sound and Picture Quality: With stringent, direction-controlled conductors and Level-1 Noise Dissipation, you enjoy audio and video devoid of disruptive noise and distortion, giving clear, high-definition output.
  3. Supports a Variety of Resolutions: The Pearl 48 seamlessly accommodates and adapts to a variety of screen resolutions and refresh rates, making it a perfect match, even for leading-edge screens and hardware.
  4. Superior eARC Performance: The dedicated care given to the eARC conductors ensures high-resolution, lossless, multichannel audio output that enhances your sound system’s performance manifold.
  5. Compatibility: The AudioQuest HDMI cables are completely backward compatible, making it readily suitable for any existing 4K displays in your setup.
  6. Peace of Mind: The product is protected against any manufacturing faults through a limited lifetime warranty, guaranteeing peace of mind and assurance that your purchase is well worth the investment.
The AudioQuest – Pearl 48 – 8-10K HDMI Cable effortlessly combines exceptional performance with future-oriented design and stringent quality control, raising the bar in HDMI cable technology. For an unparalleled home theater experience, settle for nothing less than the best. Experience the AudioQuest – Pearl 48 – 8-10K HDMI Cable today.

Product Type HDMI Cable
Brand AudioQuest
Model Pearl 48 – 8-10K
Bandwidth 48Gbps
Resolution Compatibility Up to 10K, 8K/60, 4K/120
Conductor Material High-purity Long-Grain Copper
Noise Dissipation Level 1, Direction-Controlled
eARC Support Yes, with LGC and Level-1 Noise Dissipation
HDMI Version Compatibility Backwards compatible with existing 4K displays
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty for non-transferable original-owner, purchased through an authorized AudioQuest US dealer
Special Features Increased digital bandwidth for uncompressed and lossless high-resolution multichannel audio, including Dolby TrueHD and Atmos, and DTS-HD Master Audio and DTS: X.
Applicability Ideal for video gaming, professional audio/video setup, and other high-resolution needs.
Country of Warranty Validity United State
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AudioQuest - Pearl 48 8-10K HDMI Cable

$59.00 $299.00 Inc. GST
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