AudioQuest – Greyhound – Subwoofer Cable

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Introducing the AudioQuest Greyhound Subwoofer Cable

The AudioQuest Greyhound Subwoofer Cable is a product that personifies the perfect blend of strength, speed, and unwavering loyalty found in its namesake. Like the agile yet poised greyhound, our cable is designed with an elegant, sleek exterior that belies its robust constitution. It represents a sublime assemblage of Metal-Layer Noise-Dissipation technology, .5% Solid Silver Conductors, HyperLitz Coax Geometry, Cold-Welded, Gold-Plated Terminations and Foamed-Polyethylene Insulation, mirroring the greyhound’s harmonious amalgamation of endurance, power and poise. Its noise-dissipation screen works tirelessly to shield your ground plane from modulated RFI, ensuring an unaltered, distortion-free signal. The solid silver-plated conductors ensure optimum high-frequency application performance at a price far more affordable than solid silver, proving to be a cost-effective way of getting crisp, clear, and impactful subwoofer performance. Constructed with HyperLitz coax geometry, this cable flaunts a large cross-sectional area and offers low resistance. Just like this magnificent dog breed removed from the harsh race tracks, to a comfortable nap in the shade, the termination – devoid of solder, implies a connection that’s free from distortion, ensuring the clear and unhindered transmission of signals. Lastly, the Foamed-Polyethylene Insulation encapsulated within this cable cuts down on the absorption of energy, thereby reducing signal distortion. The AudioQuest Greyhound Subwoofer Cable is no ordinary cable; it’s an uncompromising commitment to quality, delivering sound that captures the imagination, and sparks the soul. Please enquire for more information on stock availability and prepare to unleash outstanding acoustics into your audio setup.


  1. Metal-Layer Noise-Dissipation Technology: The AudioQuest Greyhound Subwoofer Cable comes with this innovative technology that ensures the prevention of radio-frequency interference (RFI) modulation of the equipment’s ground – making your audio experience free from any noise distortion.
  2. Solid .5% Silver Conductors: The cable features high-performance conductors made from silver-plated solids, offering auditory superiority that comes closer to a cable made of solid silver. This feature is ideal for high-frequency application performance, providing a cost-effective solution for excellent subwoofer functionality.
  3. HyperLitz Coax Geometry: A large cross-sectional area attributed to the design pattern of spiraling eight negative conductors around a larger positive one, effectively counters skin effect drawbacks and offers low resistance. It ensures an effective, unadulterated transmission of the audio signals.
  4. Cold-Welded, Gold-Plated Terminations: With a connection that’s devoid of any solder – a common distortion source, these cold-welded, gold-plated terminations ensure a clear and unhindered signal transition. This high-pressure technique puts the distortion potential at an all-time low.
  5. Foamed-Polyethylene Insulation: The innovative insulation reduces cable-energy absorption that usually leads to signal distortion. The Greyhound Subwoofer Cable uses foamed-polyethylene (PE) – with a high percentage of air content, lessening the out-of-focus effect often associated with other materials.


  1. High-Quality Sound: The combination of Metal-Layer Noise-Dissipation technology and Solid .5% Silver Conductors ensure optimum performance, giving you a high-quality, clear sound.
  2. Affordable Luxury: Combining the function-rich features of high-end, solid-silver cables, the Greyhound Subwoofer Cable offers an affordable alternative without compromising on performance.
  3. Efficient Signal Transmission: The innovative HyperLitz Coax Geometry and cold-welded, gold-plated terminations guarantee effective, unhindered audio signal transmission, free from common distortions.
  4. Cutting-edge Insulation: The use of Foamed-Polyethylene Insulation means less distortion, guaranteeing a purer, clearer sound, enhancing your overall auditory experience.
  5. Durability and Aesthetics: Beyond delivering superior audio performance, the Greyhound Subwoofer Cable also features an elegant, sleek, and robust construction – ensuring it stands the test of time while also beautifying your audio setup.


Specification Description
Product Name AudioQuest – Greyhound – Subwoofer Cable
Available Lengths 2m & 3m kept in stock, other lengths available upon request
Noise Dissipation Metal-Layer Noise-Dissipation to prevent radio-frequency interference modulating the equipment’s ground reference. Shield absorbs and reflects most of the noise/RF energy before it reaches the ground layer
Conductors Solid 0.5% silver conductors eliminate strand-interaction distortion and improve subwoofer performance. Ideal for high-frequency applications
Cable Geometry HyperLitz Coax Geometry features eight negative conductors spiralling around a large positive conductor, minimizing skin effect and providing low resistance
Terminations Cold-Welded, Gold-Plated terminations allow for a connection devoid of solder. Ground shells are stamped instead of machined, focusing on low distortion
Insulation Foamed-Polyethylene Insulation reduces energy absorption and subsequent distortion. High air content causes much less of the out-of-focus effect common to other materials
Additional Notes Based on greyhound attributes, this subwoofer cable exhibits great devotion and affection toward audio quality and exhibits a surprisingly friendly attitude toward user’s audio equipment, providing loyal, loving audio companionship
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AudioQuest - Greyhound - Subwoofer Cable

$109.00 $399.00 Inc. GST
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