AudioQuest – Forest – USB Lightning Cable

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AudioQuest – Forest – USB Lightning Cable

Introducing the quintessential AudioQuest – Forest – USB Lightning Cable – where functionality meets sophistication without compromise. This remarkable innovation goes beyond the realm of ordinary USB cables, delivering optimised digital communication at high speed – a necessity in our fast-paced, tech-savvy world. Experience the effortless transfer of large files or the fluid streaming of HD video content, thanks to its profoundly engineered internals. The exceptional ‘speed’ it offers is not simply about rapid data transfer; it assures impeccable time relationships within a digital stream – a fundamental aspect in crafting the analogue waveform that enchants our ears with an unparalleled auditory sensation. It battles time-based damage (jitter), rescuing your audio output from sounding flat and lifeless, instead offering a 3D, crystal clear musical aura. The Forest – USB Lightning Cable boasts of Semi-Solid Concentric 0.5% silver conductors that drastically reduce distortion and jitter, qualifying it for high-frequency applications scaling from USB audio to video. With conductor surface coated with high-purity silver – an almost equivalent to 100% silver cable – it tenderises the notion of cost-effectiveness in manufacturing supreme quality USB cables. It showcases an innovative Hard-Cell Foam Insulation that safeguards the signal-pair geometry while minimising energy-induced distortion, thus delivering audio in its purest form. Offering a perfectly stable impedance character, it achieves reduced distortion and RF noise directionality, further enriching the overall user experience. The AudioQuest – Forest – USB Lightning Cable is truly more than just a cable – it’s a maestro of digital audio communication.


  1. Significant Speed: The Forest-USB Lightning Cable isn’t just about rapid data transfer, it’s about ensuring time relationships within a digital stream are precise and free from jitter. It offers a speed that doesn’t just save time but also provides smooth and clear audio reproduction.
  2. High-Purity Silver Coating: With conductor surface steeped in high-purity silver, equivalent to the performance of a 100% silver cable, this product provides an incredibly effective, high-frequency application solution. It combines the advantages of solid silver-plated conductors, but at a price point closer to a solid copper cable.
  3. Semi-Solid Concentric 0.5% Silver Conductor: The Forest lightning cable employs semi-solid conductors to significantly curb strand-interaction distortion and jitter. The consistency of this design minimizes the interaction within the strands, making it excellent for USB audio and video.
  4. Hard-Cell Foam Insulation: Akin to the Foamed-PE used in their more affordable Bridges & Falls cables, AudioQuest’s innovative Hard-Cell Foam Insulation creates air pockets that do not absorb energy. This means that there is less distortion released from the conductor and a pervasive maintainability of the signal pair geometry.
  5. Controlled RF Noise: Every conductor in the Forest – USB Lightning cable is controlled for RF noise directionality. This aspect of the design minimizes distortion further and ensures a stable impedance character, contributing to a more consistent and clearer signal.


  1. Upgraded Audio Quality: Its effective handling of jitter and time relationships within digital streams offers significantly improved audio quality. Rescuing your audio from sounding flat and lifeless, it assures a vibrant, 3D, crystal clear musical experience.
  2. Cost-Effective: The Forest – USB Lightning Cable is a potent blend of cost-effectiveness and high-quality build. With a performance close to that of a 100% silver cable yet at a price closer to solid copper cables, it offers premium quality at an affordable price.
  3. Reduced Distortion: Thanks to the Hard-Cell Foam Insulation and Semi-Solid Concentric 0.5% Silver Conductors, there is a notable reduction in both energy-induced distortion and jitter, leading to the transmission of audio in its most pure and clean form.
  4. Uninterrupted Streaming: Experience seamless and uninterrupted streaming of HD video and audio content. The lightning cable assures rapid and smooth data transfer suited for our fast-paced digital environment.
  5. Enhanced User Experience: Each conductor’s controlled RF noise directionality and the cable’s consistent impedance character contributes to a smooth and rich auditory experience. It’s not just a cable; it significantly enhances your device’s overall audio performance.
Specification Description
USB (Universal Serial Bus) Audio Critical not for amount or speed of data transfer, but for time relationships in digital stream essential for analogue waveform reconstruction. Reduces time-based damage (jitter) ensuring a richer, smoother sound.
Semi-Solid Concentric 0.5% Silver Conductors These conductors greatly reduce strand-interaction distortion and jitter. Solid silver-plated conductors are excellent for high-frequency applications like USB audio and video. This results in a performance rivaling that of a 100% silver cable, but priced much closer to a copper one.
Hard-Cell Foam Insulation Ensures signal-pair geometry while reducing distortion. This nitrogen-injected insulation creates air pockets that do not absorb energy, thus reducing energy release into/out of the conductor. The stiffness of the material also helps maintain a stable relationship among the cable’s conductors, further minimizing distortion.
All Conductors Control for RF noise directionality Controls for Radio Frequency (RF) noise, a common cause of interference and distortion in digital signal transmission.
Stock Availability Please note that only 0.75m lengths are regularly kept in stock. Other lengths may be available in limited quantities or can be ordered from AudioQuest as required. Please enquire to confirm availability before making a purchase.
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AudioQuest - Forest - USB Lightning Cable

$109.00 $139.00 Inc. GST
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