AudioQuest – Forest 48 – 8-10K HDMI Cable

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Welcome to the world of hyper-realistic audio-visual experiences with the AudioQuest – Forest 48 – 8-10K HDMI Cable.

While you’re intrigued by the newest features of your 8K and high-end gaming devices, this HDMI cable is designed to complement and enhance those functionalities to provide you superior sound and video quality you have never experienced before. The Forest 48, a powerhouse performer in AudioQuest’s 48Gbps bandwidth range, is meticulously engineered with critical precision and robust manufacturing techniques, making it more potent than its peers. With state-of-the-art 0.5% Silver-Plated Copper conductors that dissipate radio-frequency noise with unmatched effectiveness, the Forest 48 ensures that your entertainment sessions are crystal clear and free from any interference. Excite your senses with pro-level 10K Ultra-HD resolution – all thanks to the unique balancing capabilities of four audio-video pairs powering with 12Gbps each. Furthermore, the Forest 48 is backwards compatible with all your 4K devices, making it an inclusively versatile digital accessory. As if all this wasn’t enough, this technical wizard is crafted with innovative noise dissipation technologies that stand guard against the disruptive effects of Wi-Fi, cellular, and satellite radiations. All 19 conductors are direction-controlled for minimizing the performance-impacting RF noise, thereby enhancing your viewing and gaming experience. AudioQuest’s non-compromising quality standards and stringent quality control assures this HDMI cable’s longevity, supported by a limited lifetime warranty. So, whether you are an audiophile, a gamer, or a movie buff, step into the future of digital audio and video with the AudioQuest – Forest 48 – 8-10K HDMI Cable and reframe your entertainment experiences.


8K/10K Resolution: Compatible with resolutions up to an impressive 10K, the AudioQuest Forest 48 HDMI cable provides you with the most vivid and detailed images possible. Partnering your devices with this HDMI cable allows you to experience the true potential of your 8K/60 and 4K/120 resolution devices. 48Gbps Bandwidth: With a whopping 48Gbps bandwidth, this cable is capable of transferring professional 10K Ultra-HD video, providing you with an unmatchably immersive viewing or gaming experience. This extraordinary bandwidth is made possible by the four balanced audio/video pairs delivering 12Gbps each. 0.5% Silver-Plated Copper A/V Conductors: Utilizing ever-thickening layers of silver plating applied to AudioQuest’s Long-Grain Copper conductors, the Forest 48 HDMI Cable achieves superior Noise-Dissipation. This innovative design results in an outstanding digital signal transmission and unparalleled performance. Level 1 Noise Dissipation: The HDMI cables employ AudioQuest’s Level 1 Noise-Dissipation technology to guard against the invasive effects of Wi-Fi, cellular, and satellite radiation. This innovative approach involves Direction-Control of all 19 conductors to minimize the RF Noise that degrades performance.


Stunning Clarity: With 8K/10K resolutions and 48Gbps bandwidth capabilities, you’ll be privy to visuals with stunning clarity and incredible detail. This HDMI cable is a game-changer for those who value superior video quality in their entertainment sessions. Compatibility: The Forest 48 HDMI cable is fully backwards compatible with your existing 4K devices. This ensures your current setup can be boosted by the advanced capabilities of this HDMI cable, allowing you to enjoy better quality audio-visuals with no need for additional hardware or upgrades. High-Performance Audio: With eARC conductors that receive the same meticulous attention-to-detail as main AV data pairs, the Forest 48 HDMI cable offers a remarkable audio performance. Now, you can enjoy a captivating and immersive aural experience with the faithful reproduction of high-res audio. Quality Assurance & Warranty: Built to exacting standards and subject to rigorous quality control, AudioQuest HDMI cables are durable and reliable. The Forest 48 HDMI Cable comes with a non-transferable original-owner limited lifetime warranty, providing you with complete peace of mind for your investment. Future-Proof: Being compatible with the latest HDMI specifications, including HDMI 2.1 (48Gbps), the Forest 48 HDMI Cable ensures you’re equipped to experience the latest audio/video benefits offered by next-gen HDMI gear. So, with the Forest 48 HDMI cable, you secure a future-proof audio-visual setup.    
Specifications Description
Product Type HDMI Cable
Model Name AudioQuest – Forest 48
Bandwidth Capable of 48Gbps bandwidth transfer
Video Resolution Can deliver up to professional 10K Ultra-HD video
Audio Quality eARC enabled for uncompressed and lossless high-resolution multichannel audio
Conductor Material 0.5% Silver-Plated Copper conductors, utilized for efficient dissipation of radio-frequency noise
Noise Dissipation Features Level 1 Noise Dissipation with Direction-Controlled conductors
eARC Technologies Embraces the same superior metals, Direction-Controlled Conductors, and Noise-Dissipation technologies as the main AV data pairs
HDMI Version It is designed to meet HDMI 2.1 (48Gbps)
Backwards Compatibility Fully compatible with existing 4k displays
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty is available for non-abused cables with manufacturing defects. Must provide proof of original purchase from an authorized AudioQuest US dealer
RegionValidity of Warranty United States
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AudioQuest - Forest 48 - 8-10K HDMI Cable

$109.00 $475.00 Inc. GST
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