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Introducing the fantastic AudioQuest – Carbon – Fiber-Optic Cable. This top-tier product isn’t any ordinary cable, it’s the culmination of expertise and innovation, setting new standards for your digital audio transmission. Boasting 19 Narrow-Aperture Synthetic Fiber Conductors, this cable aims to reduce jitter factor, also known as digital timing errors, to the barest minimum. This is achieved with Precision Polished Fiber Ends designed specifically to enhance accurate signal transmission. While Toslink connectors aren’t quite as frequently used in DVD player to A/V receiver connections anymore, thanks to HDMI, they are still highly prevalent in cable boxes, TV sets, subwoofers, and an array of electronic products. Even more, the proliferation of the 3.5mm Mini Optical connector, colloquially known as Mini-Toslink, is a common feature in today’s tech—from the dual-purpose headphone jack on your Mac laptop to inputs on the finest portable devices. That’s why AudioQuest has invested in refining, redefining and elevating our OptiLink cables to more serious, high-performance standards. Now, all models and lengths are available from Toslink to Toslink and Toslink to 3.5mm Mini Optical. We’ve triumphed over the enduring challenge of optical fibre transmission by designing our cables with Low-Dispersion Higher-Purity Fiber Conductors. So, bid goodbye to late arriving signals that strain your devices and bask in the clarity and quality of your sound. The punchline? The lower the dispersion in the fiber, the fewer the distortions and the purer the sound to your ears. Please note that we usually keep only 1.5m lengths in stock, all other sizes are either limited in stock or requested from AudioQuest as needed. Experience cutting edge sound delivery today with the AudioQuest – Carbon – Fiber-Optic Cable. Please enquire for more information.


  1. 19 Narrow-Aperture Synthetic Fiber Conductors: Designed to limit jitter or timing errors in your digital signals, providing smoother, flawless audio transmission.
  2. Precision Polished Fiber Ends: Carefully crafted to enhance accurate signal transmission, optimizing the interaction between your devices.
  3. Flexible Connectivity: From Toslink to Toslink, and Toslink to 3.5mm Mini Optical, these cables provide broad compatibility with various devices including cable boxes, TV sets, subwoofers, and other electronics with these connectors.
  4. Lower-Dispersion Higher-Purity Fiber Conductors: Engineered to limit light dispersion, this feature ensures your signal arrives at the right time, enhancing the decoding process and presenting a far less distorted audio signal to your ears.
  5. Diminutive Sizes: Currently, 1.5m lengths are kept in stock. All other sizes may be requested as needed from AudioQuest.


  1. Enhanced Sound Quality: The precision polished fiber ends work to reduce digital timing errors to the barest minimum, delivering sound with unparalleled clarity and sharpness.
  2. Wide Compatibility: Whether your device uses Toslink or 3.5mm Mini Optical connectors, these cables will serve you well, enhancing the functionality and utility of your electronic products.
  3. Improved Audio Transmission: By implementing Lower-Dispersion Higher-Purity Fiber Conductors, the AudioQuest – Carbon – Fiber-Optic Cable ensures your digital signals are decoded correctly, presenting you with pure, undistorted sound.
  4. Greater Flexibility: Available in an array of sizes, these cables can be requested as needed, providing a tailored fit for your unique sound system.
  5. Premium Quality: Manufactured under the highest standards using innovative technology, this product is a testament to AudioQuest’s commitment to providing unrivaled audio experience.
Savor each note with the AudioQuest – Carbon – Fiber-Optic Cable, the gold standard for high-performance auditory indulgence. Please enquire for more information.
Specifications Description
Product AudioQuest – Carbon – Fiber-Optic Cable
Availability Please enquire for in-store stocks. Only 1.5m lengths are kept in stock. All other lengths are kept in limited stock or requested from AudioQuest as needed.
Conductors 19 Narrow-Aperture Synthetic Fiber Conductors
Performance Low-Jitter (Digital Timing Errors)
Fiber Ends Precision Polished for better quality
Applications Commonly used to connect DVD player to an A/V receiver, cable boxes, TV sets, subwoofers, and other products. Perfect for 3.5mm Mini Optical connector and Toslink to Toslink applications.
Upgrade AudioQuest has refined and renewed our line of serious high-performance OptiLink cables. All models and all lengths are available Toslink to Toslink and Toslink to 3.5mm Mini Optical.
Dispersion Lower-Dispersion Higher-Purity Fiber Conductors. The less dispersion in the fiber, the less distortion in the final analog audio signal.
Warning The problem with optical fiber transmission is dispersed light. It gets through the Toslink cable, but only after it has taken a longer path, causing it to arrive later. This delayed part of the signal prevents the information from being decoded properly, or even at all. Reducing bandwidth is a notable signature of light being dispersed by a fiber.
Dimension 1.5m
Manufacturer AudioQuest
Compatibility Compatible with devices that have Toslink and 3.5mm Mini Optical connections.
Quality High-performance OptiLink cables, designed with focus on reducing signal distortion and improving audio quality.
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$209.00 $1,400.00 Inc. GST
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