AudioQuest – Boxer – Subwoofer Cable

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Experience the AudioQuest – Boxer – Subwoofer Cable

Experience the exhilarating audio performance of the AudioQuest – Boxer – Subwoofer Cable. Named after the feisty and well-loved Boxer breed, this audio accessory mirrors the intelligence, strength, and renowned charisma that this breed is known for. This marvelously engineered subwoofer cable was designed with meticulous attention to detail, boasting solid 1.25% silver conductors that eradicate distortion and diminish jitter, providing potent, penetrating sound that will touch your soul. But it doesn’t stop there. The Polyethylene air-tube insulation boosts its efficiency by greatly reducing the absorption of energy, casting off distinctions and producing a clearer and more focused sound. The cable also features an innovative Carbon-based 3-layer Noise-Dissipation System (NDS), effectively preventing RF interference from tampering with your equipment’s ground reference, ensuring undisturbed, crystal clear audio output. Complimented by its double-balanced geometry, the cable’s integrity is preserved, ensuring a prolonged lifespan. And the cherry on top? A cold-welded hanging-silver directly over a pure red copper system, creating a perfect, heat-free connection between the cable and plug. Whether you’re jamming out to your favorite tunes or immersing yourself in the chilling suspense of a horror flick, the AudioQuest – Boxer – Subwoofer Cable will invigorate your audio experience. Availability may be limited, so please don’t hesitate to reach out for more information!


  1. Solid 1.25% Silver Conductors: Crafted from solid conductors, with 1.25% of high-purity silver coating, this cable diminishes inter-strand distortion while reducing jitter. The result? Precision-like sound quality.
  2. Polyethylene Air-Tube Insulation: Using Air-Tube insulation, this cable ensures the significant reduction of energy absorption and its following release as distortion. Experience a clearer, more defined sound quality with less interference.
  3. Carbon-Based 3-Layer Noise-Dissipation System (NDS): Due to its unique NDS, RF interference is highly prevented, shielding your equipment’s ground reference from intrusion and ensuring an undisturbed, crystal clear output.
  4. Double-Balanced Geometry: This feature ensures the longevity and integrity of the cable by maintaining a separate shield, providing electrical isolation for the negative conductor.
  5. Cold-Welded Hanging-Silver Directly over Pure Red Copper System: Thanks to this technique, a flawless, heat-free connection between the cable and plug is provided, preserving the connection and structural integrity of the conductor.


  1. Crystal-Clear Audio Quality: With its 1.25% silver conductors, be prepared to immerse yourself into a world of clear, high-quality audio without any distortion or jitter.
  2. More Defined Sound: The ingenuity of Polyethylene Air-Tube insulation works to reduce energy absorption, giving you a cleaner, more focused sound output.
  3. No Interference: The Carbon-Based NDS is designed to block RF interference, ensuring a non-disruptive ground reference and crystal-clear audio performance.
  4. Ensured Longevity: The double-balanced geometry of this cable ensures its durability and a prolonged lifespan.
  5. Perfect Connection: The cold-welded hanging-silver directly over the pure red copper system delivers an ideal, heat-free connection between the cable and plug, ensuring the purity and integrity of your audio experience.
Please note, the AudioQuest – Boxer – Subwoofer Cable is in limited stock, with the opportunity to request more information or reserve one. Embark on a superior audio experience, reserving yours today.

Specification Description
Origin Inspired by the Boxer breed from Germany with characteristics of intelligence, courage, and strength
Conductors Made of Solid 1.25% Silver that eliminates distortion and reduces jitter; highly efficient for high-frequency applications
Insulation Uses PE Air-Tube Insulation which is air-absorbent, low-loss, and causes less out-of-focus effect common in other materials
Noise-Dissipation System Features Carbon-Based 3-Layer NDS made of Metal and Carbon-Loaded synthetics that prevent most RFI from reaching equipment’s ground plane
Geometry Double-balanced; it has an electrically separate shield that better preserves the integrity of the negative conductor
Connection Uses Cold-Welded Hanging-Silver directly over pure red copper system for a heat-free connection, maintaining the structural integrity of the conductor
Grounding With options to use a separate wire for connecting subwoofer and AV receiver to prevent a hum problem
Stock Availability Limited stocks; special requests may need to be made with AudioQuest for availability
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AudioQuest - Boxer - Subwoofer Cable

$299.00 $1,150.00 Inc. GST
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