Custom Home Theatre

Experience total escape in your new Home Theatre system with picture and sound quality exceeding a commercial cinema. Escape the cares of the day with an AV Design Home Theatre room, custom designed for your performance and aesthetic goals. Just one touch on your touch panel remote control starts the action…lights fade slowly, the curtains open, the movie cues…it is time for an amazing experience! Extensive Home Theatre design and installation experience ensures that your private home theatre will be one of your favorite destinations.

AV Design employs skilled staff that have THX, CEDIA, and ISF certifications, giving you added peace of mind that your custom Home Theatre will be designed for optimum performance. After installation, your home theatre components will be professionally calibrated to ensure the best picture and sound quality.

Careful attention to room dimensions, component selection, acoustic & sound isolation design, projector, screen, and seating placement have resulted in a growing number of superior installations – and of course very happy customers.

Picture & Sound Quality

Which do you think is more important – an impressive picture or sensational wrap-around sound? Well if you said both then you would be correct. Massimo Zecchin from SIM2 described his products this way “SIM2 does not make Home Theatre Projectors… SIM2 makes Cinema Projectors for the home. Yes, they make great Projectors as do some others including Sony and Epson that we also recommend. The emphasis here is on the Cinematic experience and not just the sale of an item. Same with the audio. We need good sound to complete the ‘picture’ but a good result is not just about the equipment or how much it costs. Sure, it is important, but there is something more.

Dedicated Home Theatre & Music Rooms

For some, just using the lounge room is simply not enough to satisfy their thirst for top class video and or music appreciation. They demand a dedicated space usually in the form of a dedicated Home Theatre room, but more often now as a room that has a dual purpose to be enjoyed for music as well.

A little known fact is that approximately 50% of the sound quality we perceive from a sound system is a result of the rooms acoustics. This is no misprint. Selecting top-notch Home Theatre components for your home is only a part of the equation when the goal is the accurate reproduction of what the musicians or movie director intended you to hear. We can help. Our in-house professionals have designed and built many Home Theatre and Media Rooms with appropriate décor-friendly acoustic treatments that tailor your room’s absorption, reflection and diffusion sound properties to deliver crystal-clear sound quality. Proper room acoustics will transform your room into a concert hall when appropriate, and puts you convincingly in the middle of the action when watching your favourite movie. When implemented correctly, you will forget where you are!

A high-performance Home Theatre is the result of much more than just purchasing high-end components; it is the result of a team with years of experience choosing the best components for your budget, installing them correctly and tuning them to your room’s unique acoustics. Success is guaranteed with early system design & consultation. And as a reminder, that design process can go further than just plans for you or your builder to implement. Audio Trends can also arrange the complete building of a Home Theatre extension or complete renovation of an existing space using our qualified and registered team of builders. You won’t need to do a single thing as we can undertake the entire process and to what ever level you require. Note, depending on what is required this can be a 12 month plus project so early consultation is critical.

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